Sunday, September 14, 2014

Wishlist⎟ Transitional fall outfits

Hi girls! Yay to monday....not. Haha. Ok, at least the weather is going to be good today so I'm going to do everything to have a good day and not be negative and hating on monday. New week, new beginnings!  Fall is in a week officially - the day of my birthday, I'm a fall baby! - and the weather is so confusing outfit wise. In the morning all I want to wear is a fluffy jumper with a leather skirt, black tights and booties but then by noon it gets super hot and all I think about is wearing my birkens with a white t-shirt and jeans but then it's going to rain so I need to find appropriate shoes and so on... confusing I told you!

It's a lot of work to find the right outfit to wear these days, trust me! Here's some ideas of outfits I love for this transitional time between summer and fall. Skater skirt is a must, so easy to wear with booties or ballerinas. It looks super cute with a leather jacket or a crop top. Or you could just go with a pair of ripped jeans and a girly grey top. I already wore outfit number 3 this weekend and it was perfect for the weather. When it gets colder I'll just add tights and boots!

Outfit 1: Zara Jacket (here) / Asos skirt (here) / River Island loafers (here)
Outfit 2: Top Nelly (here) / Jeans Topshop (here)
Outfit 3: Top Nelly (here) / Leather skirt Morgan (here)


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