Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Birthday fun

Hi girls! Yes, that's right it was my birthday on sunday. I turned 26 and I went to Disneyland Paris to make sure I wasn't getting that old yet. The weather was a bit funky but I had so much fun. Strolling around main street with minnie ears on, eating ice-cream and hot dogs, trying the Space Mountain for the first time and hating it forever. After a day of fun, my boyfriend took me to Paris in my favorite neighborhood - le Marais - and we went to the most delicious italian restaurant ever. I swear the only time I had such delicious pasta was in Tuscany a few years back. The restaurant is called Paris-Rome and it's super simple, the people are really nice and the food is heaven sent on a plate. I went for a glass of prosecco, calabrese anti pasti and tagliatelle with tartufo and mushrooms. It was beyond divine! The morning after we walked around Paris drinking lots of Starbucks - hello tiny hangover from last night - eating great food in Schwartz's deli and shopping of course. I had forgot my -faux- leather jacket at home so it was the perfect excuse to treat myself with a new -leather- one from Zara. It looks just perfect, I love it! It feels good to treat yourself from time to time, right?

Thank you so much for all of your birthday wishes on twitter and instagram I truly appreciate it :)

Now I still have the week left off from work so it's time to rest, blog, spend time with my family/friends and rest even more.


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