Monday, October 14, 2013

Gloomy monday beauty haul

Bourjois Java Rice Powder (12,99€) ⎪ Essence 'wear berries' lipstick (2,39€)⎪  Formula Pores Be Pure Mud Mask (7,99€) 
⎪ Catrice 'Pink before you leave' + 'Rose, would you?' lip glosses (2,99€) ⎪  Bourjois Happy Light foundation (15,49€)

I blame it on the gloomy rainy weather! I was just out to get something and this is what I came back with. Ugh. I really wanted the Bourjois Java Rice Powder as I've heard it's amazing and I really needed (yes really) to buy the Happy Light foundation as the previous one is already finished. This foundation is amazing, I've already mentioned it a lot but this time I got two shades lighter as I won't be as bronzed as this summer for sure. Then I also got two lip glosses from Catrice and they're amazing if you're on a budget and want some great lip products. I also got a new Essence lipstick as the colour was screaming fall I had to get it (it was only 2,39€ how to resist?) Then as my skin has been acting out a lot lately I figure I'd try this purifying mud mask from Formula. The packaging and strawberry smell are right up my alley! I hope I'll be good. Now I'm back and ready to catch up with my favourite tv shows from yesterday! Have a great monday everyone.



  1. You will love Java Powder :) I've also bought that foundation but I have yet to use it. :)

    1. Oooh girl it's amazing I'm so in love with this powder. Ha you'll love it, I never buy the same foundation twice in a row unless it's FAB :) x

  2. I've literally just used this facemask and I love how fresh and clean it leaves my skin feeling, and smells great too!


  3. Bonsoir !
    Ou trouves tu la marque Formula ? :)

  4. Ouuuh parfait ça ! Y'en a un à Liège , ca au moins on a ;) Merci bonne apres midi :)