Monday, September 30, 2013

My love for reality TV

I think it's time I face the truth. I have a serious addiction to reality tv shows. They're my guilty pleasure and I happen to love them even more than other real tv shows. This addiction started with The Hills, early on. If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you must be aware of the fact that I'm a huge Lauren Conrad fan 'due to my previous addiction to The Hills'. 

Then, let's say 3 years ago I started watching the Bravo franchise 'The Real Housewives of...' which is a reality tv show showing the real life of housewives in many different US cities like Beverly Hills, Orange County, New Jersey, New York, Miami...  I'm obsessed with these shows, I have watched them all several times (meaning rewatching the whole seasons twice something thrice). They're my guilty pleasure for those times when I don't want to do anything, just lay in bed, get lazy and have a good TV time. I watch all the shows from The Real Housewives but I have a few favourites on my list. 

1. The Real Housewives of New York City 
2. The Real Housewives of New Jersey
3. The Real Housewives of Atlanta 
4. The Real Housewives of Orange County

How sad it is to create a little self-favourite top 4 tv reality show? haha

Also from Bravo, which is the best tv show channel out there in my opinion beating E! from far,
 I love to watch Million Dollar Listing, Shahs of Sunset, Gallery Girls, ...

Then we have one of my favourite tv show Jerseylicious which I find to be a bit scripted but still, 
I love it too much to care. I just love the whole New Jersey thingy going on.

 And then, I think almost everyone will agree with me saying that watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians is one of the best thing to do on a sunday evening and craving some trash tv moments. Although I haven't watch the latest season because I think the show has become a little bit too 'real tv show' in my opinion (the storys lines are just too calculated sometimes) I'm a sucker for those kind of moments that were aired on the show previously. 

To sum up this post. 

Do you have any reality tv show addictions like I have? I bet you do! haha
All the gifs come from my favourite tv gifs website


Sunday, September 29, 2013

Fall lipsticks

Make up for ever Rouge Intense Mat 5 ⎥ Mac Russian Red
Catrice Matt-erial Girl ⎥ Maybelline 24h Super Stay Always Plum

 Now that fall has officially kicked in, Indian summer is there, thankfully, but any hopes of wearing any summery clothes soon are gone. All I want to do is to wear my favourite fall lipsticks, drink a warm drink with marshmallows on top, cuddle in bed with a hot bottle of water and do long walk to admire the landscape changing. Believe me or not but It's only been a good year or so that I have been into wearing colourful lipsticks. Prior to that, I was only wearing nude lipstick (I can't even recall how many Mac Myth I have finished!) I really felt that with my green eyes and my 'brown/gingery' hair it was to safest, prettiest look to go for. I really felt that for some reasons red or pink lipsticks was looking so awful on me and making me look much older. The first I put red lipstick on me I thought I was looking like an old crazy lady, I guess that's because I really wasn't used to it! The crazy thing is that although I wasn't wearing any red/pink lipsticks I was still buying some just in case I would need one day haha. Last year I have been trying a lot of new look and finally tried the bright lips on me and I had so much good 'reviews' about it. It really made me felt stupid to think that I couldn't pull off that look because when it comes to red/pink lipsticks, everyone can wear it and pull that look off, you just have to find the perfect tone of red/pink that suit your skin tone, eye colour, taste etc. Don't get me wrong, I still love the nude lips look but from time to time I find it so versatile and fun to wear some bright lips and I'm so happy I finally took the plunge and feel comfortable with it now. 

My first favourite fall lipstick is the MUFE Rouge Intense 'Mat 5' which is such a gorgeous plum-y pink with  mat finish. The colour is exquisite and it lasts all day long! Then we have Mac 'Russian Red' also known as the most perfect red I own. This colour is my go-to vixen red. I love the texture, the finish, the shade is perfect and not to drying... That's a hit!  Next, one of my favourite lipstick of all time (although it's pretty recent) is the Catrice 'Matt-erial Girl'. Words can't describe how much I'm in love with this colour. It's a bit more dark in real life and has the most amazing fuschia/plum shade. It was only 3,99€ too #bargain! And eventually, I couldn't write a post without mentionning a good ol' plum lipstick right? Plum lips are so trendy for fall and I sure do love to pull that look off! My favourite one is the Maybelline Super Stay 24h in 'Always Plum'. It is such an intense shade and the lasting is so incredible. I have already three lipsticks from that range and I actually intent to get them all haha.

Make up for ever Rouge Intense Mat 5 ⎥ Mac Russian Red
Catrice Matt-erial Girl ⎥ Maybelline 24h Super Stay Always Plum

Which one if your favourite ? What is your favourite fall lipstick? :-)


Saturday, September 28, 2013

Coco Mademoiselle has my heart

Coco Mademoiselle is finally mine. I have to say it was love at first smell! Since I had a sniff of this little gem I just knew this had to be my next perfume. I received this (and other gifts, I've been super spoiled haha) for my 25th birthday and I have been obsessed with it since I got it. When I opened it and saw that it was a 200ml bottle I was so shocked (yet so happy, you can imagine), I hope I will managed to last this bottle for a whole year as I usually finish my perfume in 6 months! It is such a chic and sophisticated smell. The packaging is so lush too and the perfume lasts for hours and hours. No wonder why this is the best selling perfume from Chanel! I remember trying this when I was 'younger' and I thought that the smell was a bit too 'mature' for me at the time but now that I've turned 25th I think I'm ready to enter the 'more mature' perfume category, right? haha.


Friday, September 27, 2013

Playlist⎪ Cool

This is my new TGIF song! Haha


These are a few of my favourite things

Happy friday :D


Thursday, September 26, 2013

China Glaze⎥Pool Party

Today is going to be such a gorgeous Indian summer day. In that honor I would like to present you my choice of nail polish for the day : China Glaze Pool Party. *summertime sadness* This is the most exciting neon colour ever. It has replaced my beloved flip flop fantasy (as the bottle was empty and It's really hard for me to repurchased the same nail polish twice, I like to change and discover new ones!) and I have been wearing this all summer long. It's sad that I couldn't capture the true neoness of this little gem as it is really SUPER duper neon between orange/coral and pink. It's such a gorgeous colour, I had to wear Now, we know that fall is just around the corner so I'm gonna enjoy this beautiful day with my lovely nail polish until falling into the 'purple-dark-sparkly-taupey' mode once and for all! My plan for today is to look for a job and treat myself if I ever find those damn black Zara boots I want for so long but can't find anywhere! 

Have a great day :D


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

New in ⎥Winter boots

Two pairs of booties I've received for my birthday! I have been so obsessed with these boots I can't wait to wear them. The first pair is from Zara and although they look ultra shiny and therefore might not  be to the taste of everyone I think they look absolutely amazing on! I'm so glad I received them as I know they will look amazing with a plain outfit or with a little dress and a leather jacket too! The second pair is from New Look and I just love the whole chunky/rock/combat boots look going on. They're so comfy too. Now I just need to buy a pair of boots with heels and I'll be 100% ready for winter!

Zara boots (here) // New look boots (couldn't find them online)


Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Summer favourites

I know, I'm super late to the party. Summer is already gone and I haven't had time to do my summer favourites before so here it is! I have been obsessed with my Make Up For Ever Mist & Fix as it is the best mist to make your make-up lasts all day long and give that extra glow needed. Will be repurchasing this little gem for sure. In the blush department, I have been loving my Nars Orgasm (but forgot to put it in the picture!) and also my Benefit Dandelion, as it gives the most lovely pink colour on the cheeks. On the lips, I have been using my Catrice Don't Fear The Sheer lipstick over and over again. It just gives the most amazing peachy-coral finish. The Bourjois BB Gloss also has been a huge favourite of mine this summer. The UNE 3 in 1 mascara has been my go-to mascara this summer as it gives the most amazing long, clump-less lashes but still looking quite natural and not overdone. (Now that fall has kicked in, all I want to do is wear false lashes haha) And finally my summer foundation has without a doubt been the Bourjois Happy Light. I have used this to the extend that's it's FINISH. Just like the Happy Light Serum. These two combined give the most amazing dewy, natural finish. This is a combo I love so much and will be repurchasing for sure. The give me that extra tan look that I love so much, I have also been using the Bourjois BB Bronzing Cream. I have finished this also, that's how much I love this stuff! And finally, the extra glow needed for summer with Benefit High Beam. I haven't used this all summer as I bought it in August but it's such an amazing product that I had to put it in my summer favourites (atlhough this can enter the all year favourites too!)

Now that fall is finally here my whole make-up routine is going to change. Bye bye BB creams, sheer lipsticks and welcome smokey eyes, plum lips!


Monday, September 23, 2013

Playlist ⎥ Lies

I love this song so much just as much as I love Marina & The Diamonds.
Happy monday!


Saturday, September 21, 2013

The birthday edition ⎥ Maxi dress & Marshmallow

First of all, thank you so much to everyone that took the time to wish me a happy birthday. It really made my day even better than it was! I think I had to best, most perfect day for my 25th birthday. The weather was so lovely, no rain (not even a little bit!), I had so much fun shopping in Antwerp with my boyfriend! We went shopping all day (and I got treated!) then during the end of the afternoon we stopped by the American Food Store near Antwerp (here) This place is heaven on earth for foodies addict like me. There was so much stuffs that were new to me like the Butter fingers or the Marshamallow fluff (which is a creamy marshmallow you can apply on your bread... I mean, seriously?) Then we spent the evening at a lovely restaurant with my gorgeous TFNC dress and it was really delicious! I feel so blessed, this birthday was really special. I have lost my voice from all the talking and laughing all day. I'm heading to bed now with a really big smile and happy heart (It's not even midnight...old lady much?) ;-)

Dress: Asos // Bag: Zara (here) // Necklace: Asos (here)


Thursday, September 19, 2013

Beauty haul (The balm, Catrice, Benefit, Xen Tan,...)

My new beauty haul video is up! Can't wait to try my new Xen Tan products. 


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Currently obsessing ..

Blair Eadie Bee is one of my favourite fashion blogger out there (  She lives in the US and her style is always so chic, versatile and fun. I love how she mixes and matches patterns and colours. That's exactly why I don't even buy fashion magazines anymore...I could spend hours on her blog admiring her sense of style and getting some inspiration! Also every time I read her blog, I want to go blonde (although I know this ain't a colour for me)

Who is your favourite, biggest inspiration fashion wise on the blogosphere ?


Monday, September 16, 2013

Coconut oil

Aman Prana Coconut Oil (12,50€)

This is it, I have finally took the plunge and bought my very first jar of coconut oil. I've been wanting to try this 'miraculous' oil for such a long time, I don't know what took me so long. After hearing that it's good to moisturize your skin/hair in depth  I just knew we were meant to be reunited one day or another. It's obviously much better to get a 100% natural, unrefined coconut oil as you really want to get all the natural benefits from it. The one I got is extra virgin and wasn't too expensive, the guy at the bio store told me that I could apply it on my hair and face as well as eating a spoon of it once a day to moisturize the skin and hair from the inside (that's when he really got my attention).I know that sounds a bit gross as the texture is so gooey but I would do ANYTHING to get my moisture back! I was really surprised by the texture as it has a creamy/solid texture at first then when you apply it, it transforms into oil. The smell is...without any surprise the smell of coconut. I personally loooove it but I know that that smell might be  so disgusting to some other people. 

The effect I noticed the first morning after applying it : my hair were looking very shiny once washed (I kept the mask on all night) and very nourished. My skin was looking much youthful and a bit wrinkle less than usual! It really moisturizes well my skin and I'm obsessed with it now. I use it every night as it's too oily to use for daytime. I also eat a spoon of it every morning to get that extra moisture that I lack  all the time. I haven't seen any result of my little experimentation yet but I'll keep you posted if it works! 


Sunday, September 15, 2013

Birthday wish list ⎥ part 3

Birthday wish list part 3

1. Chanel Coco Mademoiselle // 2. Zara Messenger Bag with zips (here)  // 3. Zara coat with leatler sleeves (here)
 Lauren Conrad beauty book (here) // Chanel Volume mascara 

And finally, the part 3 of my very long birthday wish list is HERE!Can you believe I don't already have the Lauren Conrad Beauty book? I certainly can't!! I have already got myself the Zara bag and coat for my birthday as a little treat from myself to myself as they were only few sizes left and I knew that with my luck they would be out of stock by next week so... 

The Chanel Volume mascara has been on my mind for a while as my friend uses it and it makes her lashes look so incredible, I'm drooling over her lashes every time I see her anyway! And finally the Coco Mademoiselle perfume by Chanel is also on my long birthday wish-list as it's the girliest smell out there and it has something so elegant about it as well :) 


Saturday, September 14, 2013

Breaking news ! The Balm en Belgique? YES PLEASE

Magasins Di qui vendront la marque : 

Si vous me suivez sur Instagram (@mypreciousnp) vous êtes sans doute déjà au courant d'une des plus grandes nouvelles make-up de l'année pour la Belgique. La marque THE BALM est disponible chez Di. Je n'y crois toujours pas à l'instant ou j'écris cet article, le choc émotionnel fut trop intense lors de ma petite découverte sur mon temps de midi. Je crois que j'ai peut-être  eu un sursaut, puis un bon de joie et ensuite le reflex de prévenir tout le monde sur Instagram pour finir par swatcher vite fait le Mary-lou Manizer et le Bahama Mama. Oh my GOD!!!!! This is the best thing ever! Merci DI pour cette super avancée au niveau du make-up (sur ce coup là on bat tout le monde je pense hahhihi) La bonne nouvelle c'est que en plus les prix sont vraiment corrects comparés aux prix US! Par contre je sens que cette marque va très bien marcher et les palettes et autres highlighter en tout genres vont partir comme des petits pains et vites être sold out donc....à l'attaque!!!! 

Quels sont les produits que vous allez prendre? ( en premier du moins LOL)
Pour moi ce sera le Marylou Manizer, le Bahama Mama et la palette Nude-tude
A vos marques....prêtes....craqueeeeeez!!!!!


Thursday, September 12, 2013


I could spend hours on Tumblr watching all the amazing pictures of fashion, hair inspiration, beauty products... Everything is so perfect on there! There's not a lot of fall inspiration as I have a hard time doing the transition. Although it has been a week of fall weather, my body & mind are still in summertime! I still dream about tanned legs, little white dress and open toes sandals.


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Miscellaneous #3

Just pretty pictures of beauty products I have been enjoying. I feel so tired and I have to up pretty early tomorrow. It's crazy how time flies from the moment I get home from work, I barely have the time to apply some nail polish that's it's already midnight. Can't wait for next week ; end of my student job and my birthday weekend! I hope the weather will be a bit more gracious than it is now. Rain rain go away!


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Instalife #15

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I have been pretty quiet on Instagram lately, working my last days at my student job and enjoying the last bits of summer by drinking hibiscus berry tea at Starbucks, taking care of my skin and hair with Coconut Oil (smells like summer to me!), eating ice cream (these are so delish!) but also fashion wise by wearing open toes heels, mini skirts and be able to show tanned legs, maxi nude skirts, neon nails... The whole nine yards! I have been posting more outfit pictures on the blog lately, I really enjoy showing you what I actually wear on a daily basis and make my blog more of a rambling daily beauty & fashion blog than just purely beauty talk and swatches. Let me know if you would like to see more of  fashion, beauty or anything else for that matter! Have a great day !!


Monday, September 9, 2013

Note to self

It's monday! It's monday! This is my last complete week at my student job. It's gonna be a long-ass week so I definitely need some quotes to cheer me up a little bit! To make this week goes by faster I'm going to treat myself as much as possible. New lipstick, ice cream, good lunch, taking the time to do my nails and catching up on my favourite TV shows (I'm looking at you Real Housewives of New Jersey/Atlanta/New York).... There's nothing like this kind of little pleasure during the day of after work to make me feel better! Have a great week everyone :-) 


Sunday, September 8, 2013

What I wore #27 The cover up

This has been one of my favourite outfit to wear this summer when the weather was a bit in-between hot and frisky. Although it does make me feel a little bit chubby, it's super comfortable.  I am obsessed with maxi skirts they always look super effortlessly stylish and you can wear them with pretty much everything. Not sure I'll be wearing this one through fall/winter as the colour is too summerish but I have other blacks and grey that will be PER-FECT for colder seasons with a pair of booties and a leather jacket. (And sunnies of course!)

Skirt : Zara // Bag : Zara // Top : H&M // Sunnies : H&M

Saturday, September 7, 2013

UNE ⎪Sfumato eye shadows

From left to right : S17 / S25 / S23 / S20 

From left to right : S13 /S15 / S09 / S11

I've had to pleasure to receive all those new UNE Sfumato eyeshadows in the mail last month. I was really excited to try them as the colors available are perfect for a fall/winter eye look. Some of them might look similar but once swatched you can definitely see a different in color or pigmentation. Although they're all quite pigmented some of them are more on the sheer side than the others. I will definitely create some fall eye look with those in a near future as for now I feel it's a bit too early still to be into that fall mode when it's still quite hot outside. Until then, here's the swatches to give you a little glimpse of the colors :)

J'ai eu la belle surprise de recevoir les derniers fard à paupières UNE Sfumato le mois dernier dans ma boîte aux lettres. J'étais vraiment très excitée à l'idée de pouvoir tester 8 nouveaux fards dans des teintes très automnales, juste comme je les aime! Certains semblent légèrement similaires mais ils diffèrent tous que ce soit niveau teinte ou pigmentation. Tout est dans la nuance! Certains sont vraiment bien pigmentés pour un look très intense et d'autres, plus légers, sont parfaits pour un look day time, plus discret et passe partout! Il faut absolument que je crée des looks 'automne/hiver2013' (lol) avec mes nouveaux précieux mais je vous avoue qu'avec le beau temps qui se prolonge je n'ai nulle envie de porter un smokey, je suis encore dans ma période BB cream et lèvres baby doll ! Voici déjà les swatches (swatchs? swatch?) pour vous donner une petite idée des couleurs :-)

Which one is your favourite of the bunch? I would say S23 and S15 :-)