Sunday, July 7, 2013

Layla ⎟ Caviar nails

Layla caviar nails available at DI drugstore (*)

Caviar nails have been one of this year's biggest nail trends! I never tried them just because I'm more of a low key nail person. I tried nail art, stickers and so on but at the end of the day what I like the most is to wear plain/boring black, white, neon nails. I received these Layla Caviar Effect Nail Art from DI Drugstore so I thought I would give this trend a go and just try to rock a caviar look. Who doesn't want some caviar nails after all? Caviar are pretty much really easy to achieve. You just apply your nail polish and then pour the tiny caviar pearls on top while it isn't dry yet. You make sure every part of your nail is covered and voilà! I dont find this look super handy if you have to do a lot of thing with your nails as I doesn't stick too much and you might lose some of your caviar pearls but it's such a fun look to wear. Have you tried caviar nails before?


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  1. Im loving the way it looks