Monday, March 4, 2013

My Skin Care Routine ⎟Update + vidéo

I'm a huge skin care products lover. Nothing feels as good as taking care of your skin, a pampering session is always good for your mood isn't it. My current routine hasn't changed drastically this year, I clean, I exfoliate, I moisturize...same old same old. I did discover new products along the way and I'm really happy with those. This is my current skincare routine.

1.The cleaning step

Bioderma Sébium Purifying and Foaming Gel has took over my cleaning routine and has replaced my beloved Avène Cleneance Gel. Although I've been using it for so long, it doesn't work for me anymore, I find it too drying for my skin. I guess that with the years your skin really change. The Bioderma cleaning gel is everything I was looking for. It is non-drying, cleans like no others, comes in a huge 500ml bottle and has a pump! Jackpot! New staple product alert!

Rituals Sensationel Soft Cleanser I'm new to the Rituals face products so I was really excited to try some products of the range. This cleanser has a gel texture then transforms into an oily/foaming texture. It's really pleasant to use and it is perfect for dry/sensitive skin because it is very delicate. The scent isn't too overpowering as well which is always a good thing in my opinion.

Bioderma Sébium Exfoliating Puryfying Gel which isn't the best exfoliating product out there but it does its job (=exfoliating) I couldn't find that "gel" texture they were mentioning on the packaging but it will removes your impurities and smooths your skin texture. I love that smooth skin texture, don't you?

Clarins Pure Melt Cleasing Gel the concept of this product is quite similar to the Rituals Soft Cleanser. A gel texture than transforms into an oil to remove your makeup and clean your face without drying it. I agree, the oil final texture really helps dehydrating the skin but I personally don't find it removes the makeup as well as your average makeup remover. Lovely product though, I use it after having cleaning my face already with my Bioderma for a second "moisturizing" wash. 

The moisturizing step

Embryollise lait-crème concentré My favourite moisturizer for a long time now. Either way, I always come back using this product. It's super nourishing, softens your skin like no others...It's perfection! I use this before applying my makeup to prep my skin.

Rituals Intensive Moisturizing Mask A lovely packaging for a lovely mask. I love the smell of this mask, it is very discreet just as the soft cleanser. Apply on dry, clean skin for about 10min then remove it and your skin feels super soft. I use this 1 from 2 times a week.

Weleda Cold Cream Very similar to the Avène Cold Cream but with essential oils smell, it deeply moisturizes your damaged skin. It is super rich and intense. I use this as a mask during the night to rejuvenate my skin and it works really well.

The video in french 



  1. great post&video,love the clarins melting cleanser its fab. will check out the others havent tried them before

    1. Thank you doll! You really should especially if you have dry skin xx

  2. Tes vidéos privées on ne peut plus du tout les voir?

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  4. The coldcream is one of my favorites. But i love some similar lotions of Primavera and Dr. Hauschka too. Do you know this brands or use it already? Btw: here is a pretty cool german YouTube movie about the coldcream: