Friday, February 15, 2013

Z palette large leopard


I'm so excited to show you my brand new Z palette (in leopard of course) 
I have so many blushes sleeping around my makeup drawers so I figured that I needed to depot them all and create a new exciting blush palette. I didn't depot all my mac blushes, only the powder ones.
Now I want even more mac blushes to fill my gorgeous palette.

A first attempt at organizing my palette. You can depot so many blushes and organize your palette like a little town, I feel like the mayor and I love it! You also receive some extra magnets to make sure your blushes are really magnetized! It's a really cool product that comes in pink, zebra, or black.
By far, this palette is much cooler from the one from Mac and also less expensive. 

I'm in love with my Z palette.
I bought in at which is a belgian online store for anything beauty related. The delivery was super fast and the cost was really reasonable (around 20 euros). I love that you can also find many other cool brands that are so hard to find in our little Belgium like Milani, Sleek, China Glaze and so on.

What do we think about this palette?
I decided to make a little video (in french sorry!) to sum up what I just said in this post :-)



  1. Elle est juste trop jolie!! C'est super classe d'avoir ce genre de petite palette dans son sac, ça change des vieilles trousses de make up qu'on ose jamais sortir! Et puis,la palette est trop belle!

    Super bonne découverte, merci Marilou!!

  2. LOve the leopard print one! I've been debating to get a z palette for a while now, but I was thinking just the basic black one lol! My only scepticism is the fact that its made of paper!

    1. It's a really hard paper though, I was hesitant too at first but I find the quality really amazing I was surprised (i say that in french in the vid) :-) x

  3. Hey Marilou! You're so pretty :)Just thought I would tell ya ;) hehe