Thursday, February 14, 2013

Miscellaneous #2

Nicole has been of my favourite personnality in terms of fashion transformation. She went from hag to fab and she's always so trendy, I love her. Not sure I could work her pants like she does but...the whole outfit is really working well together in my opinion.

Lauren Conrad newest collection for Kohl's.
She is so lovely and pretty in those pictures and for once I actually think the clothes are more "LC" looking than before. Definitely an outfit I could see myself wearing. I'm definitely getting myself a pair of bright jeans for this summer.

The polka dot is adorable, especially on her.
Of course, for the LC touch, tuck the blouse into your jeans. So chic!

Lauren Conrad for the magazine Lucky.
Omg, I love her!!!!!!!

I wish I could rock that princessy-diamonds look.
The tutu is to die for.

I love this dress. It's pink, fluffy, girly, sparkly...
Not sure where or when I could wear it but I know it will look really nice in my closet.


I saw these trousers at H&M and I didn't purchase them and now I feel more and more remorse.
I think they would look soooo great for summer + they also look super comfy.
During the day with a pair of sandals and a black tee. 
For a night out, with a pair of pointed black heel and a sophisticated black tee!

Niyona is a belgian brand which produces leather good and maroquinerie.
I'm really happy to introduce you my two new dream it bags.

The Ariel Bag. How gorgeous? I love the quilted parts, it adds even sophistication to it.
That's a good city bag for daily work like. love love love!

The Kate bag reminds me a lot of Chanel. It's quilted and has some gorgeous gold chains.
I love that kind of little bag that you can wear so easily with everything.

More bags at  :-)



  1. j'ai une chemise qui ressemble étrangement à la chemise blanche à petit poid noir de Lauren Conrad! :D

  2. I adore LC, definitely planning on copying her with the bright jeans xx