Thursday, May 31, 2012

Wishlist #5

Yet an other wish list :D

Illamasqua - Nomad : A very cheerful green, I have nothing like this in my nail polish stash / Essie -Ballet slippers : A must have nude, one of Essie best sellers / Essie - Cute as a button : A really girly summery pink coral, always look good with a white tee + jeans outfit and a bit of a tan of course / Models Own - Utopia : such a gorgeous pinky nude. I like that it seems very covering / American Apparel  - Galaxy Glitter : Big massive festive chunky glitter. I NEED. / American Apparel - Meteor Shower : The shape of these pieces of "gold" is so unusual. I NEED IT TOO. / American Apparel - Neon Green : Just the most outstanding neon green I have ever seen. I want to wear it and people to go like...oooh it's so bright, you have some strange nail polish taste (yessssss!) / Models Own - Pink Punch : Such a gorgeous neon pink orange nail polish. Reminds me a bit of Flip flop fantasy by China Glaze. 


Bioderma Créaline H20

I'm sure you have all heard about this Bioderma product. It's everywhere on blogs, twitter.
I went recently to France so I took the plunge and bought this as it was on offer (2 for 15euros for 500ml bottles). I was looking for a good makeup remover espesh for waterproof mascara. I prefer to use a cleaning gel to wash my face as I feel it's more purifying but I think it's always great to finish to whole washing/purifying process with a cotton pad  

Bioderma Créaline H2O doesn't have a particular overpowering smell, which I like.
I went for the sensible skin one. (They have 3 or 4 different ones for all the skin out there)

I wasn't blown away with this product, it's definitely a good product but I'm not sure it deserves all the hype it gets. It's a good addition to my skin care products and I might repurchase this during winter time to prevent my skin to dry with the more harsh gel cleaning. 

It removes waterproof mascara but not that easily, you do need to really scrub your lashes with it.
It's a very good value for money though and it's a great makeup remover for sensitive skin like mine.


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Nail art challenge #5 POLKA DOTS

My fifth nail art challenge, only one left to go :-)
I have been a bit MIA due to my revisions and exams starting next week (okay also because I massively enjoyed the sun this weekend) For this nail art challenge, I didn't need a billion really elaborated techniques, I used my polka dots Pro nails nail stickers. Héhé! They are so quick and easy to use.
Two coats of nail polish then you apply the sticker on and remove any excess.

I went for two very safe look. I love polka dots myself so I was really happy to be wearing some on my nails for a change. 

Navy blue base + white polka dots. 

White base + black polka dots.
(This one was a bit messy because I didn't wait long enough for the nail polish to dry before applying the sticker boo!)

Nail stickers are my new favourite thing! I want them all héhé

What do we think ladies? :)


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Wishlist #4

My current beauty wish list :-)

Coco Mademoiselle - Chanel : I've been wanting this since last summer, the smell instantly attracted me although some people told me this perfume is more for mature women...I think it smells LUSH / Mythic Oil - L'Oréal : Just because I'm obsessed with anything that will make my split ends go away and discipline my hair once and for all. / Sleek trio blushes : A girl never has  too many blushes, right? I love that trio concept and all the new colours in it / Liz Earle colour make up collection : I have the skin tint and It's LOVE. I'm super excited for Liz Earle to start a makeup collection. I really would love to try some of these :-) Opi Germany collection for fall 2012 : Fall is my favourite season for nail polish collection. Opi never disappoint and some of these colours look right up my alley/ Orly Feel the vibe : I want all the neon ones. You never have too much neons either!  / Allure velvet lipstick - Chanel : I have a sample of this lipstick and it's über gorgeous. Nothing like a matte red lipstick for that little touch of sophistication / Mac Face & Body + Studio sculpt foundation : I'm torn between those two foundations. I want coverage and I want it to last the most I can. If you have any recs :) 

What is your beauty wish list? :) 


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Disappointing products #1


I wanted volumized hair at my roots and I got cripsy cringy feeling hair. This packaging is cute, the name is attractive (who wouldn't want a bit of instant oomph?) but the powder is just super cringy and makes my roots uber dry and far from voluminous. 


This new range really attracted me because of the multiples good thing is it "supposed" to do to your hair.
I  did really liked the instant side of the product, you must apply it right after your shampoo and give it no rest. Just rince it right away and your hair are "no longer" damaged. NOT. It didn't make any difference to my hair, they were just a bit sleeker but that's all. All my hair issues were still there. I'd rather use a good old school mask that need to rest on my hair for 5 min, maybe it's only in my head but I feel it's working muchhh better than an instant mask. (the whole concept is cool though). Oh, also the smell was HORRENDOUS. Too chemical, yikes.


Wearing false plastic nails is such a pain in the ass to remove. I still do not know how to do it. (ANYONE?) I swear this is on my top 3 beauty struggles list !!!! 

When I saw this "super remover" by Elegant Touch, which is said to remove YOUR WHOLE NAIL IN A SEC, I was like woo too finally! Erm, no. This minty smelly and very sticky product is firstly, really hard to apply and secondly doesn't do a difference on your false nails. Maybe I'm using this the wrong way but this is the most unuseful beauty product I have ever bought in my whole life. The smell is also terrible. 0/10. (I do love the Elegant Touch false nails range though) 

Any disappointing products on your side girls?  Let's spread the word and save our money.


It's a first! Krackle nail polishes

My first experience with Krackle nail polishes. It's been a while now that those crackle nails are on the blogs but I just never really liked the trend. I'm a bit OCB with chipped nails so the crackle reminded me a lot of an old nail polish LOL. I got to try these two ProNails Krackle nail polishes and I'm glad I did, I think the result isn't that bad after all. Not sure I would wear that on a dailybasis but it could be fun for a change. 

My favourite shade is this one, I used my mini black matte OPI as a base coat and I actually thought it was really amusing to see step by step the polish crackling, It did remind me of an egg (random) :-) 

For the pink sparkly one, I used a white top coat :-) 
The application was a bit hard but the result came out fine so it's all good.

Crackle nails : yay or nay?


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Nail art challenge #4 PRINCESS NAILS

For my fourth nail art, I wanted something girly and pink. Seriously I'm a little ashamed at how messy I am with my nail arts. I feel a bit self conscious about posting these because of all the messiness. I do feel like a 4 years old at times when I see them. LOL To achieve this princess look I used Essie - Van d'go, the perfect princess pink then I used my ProNails heart stickers. They were really easy to work with and they give a proper princess look in no time. Beware ! You really must wait for the nail polish to dry before applying the sticker otherwise I will move (see my pinky and ring finger)

ProNails has a great range of nail stickers with some really cute or more daring ones :) as you can see below. More informations on

 here's my favourite of the bunch. A massive floral sticker :) gorgeous! 

What do we think ladies? 
This is my first experience with nail stickers and I reaallllyyy enjoyed it. 


I heart...

Just some fashion or celebrities crushes at the mo'
I love love love this dress that Nicole Richie wore. She looks absolutely stunning.

The back of the gown is my favourite part. It's very edgy and chic. Props to Nicole. 

She has always been my favourite Kardashian. Now that she is expecting her second child, I think she looks glowing and I adore that mixed fluo look on her with the LBD. She is really gorgeous!

I fell in love with the crochet white dress Billi is wearing.
 I want it sooo badly, if anyone knows where it comes from let me know :-) 
I'll stay silent on the look of Lauren and Cara here.... 

I'm SUPER DUPER EXCITED for Lauren Conrad's latest book called beauty.
I couldn't be more ecstatic. I hope she shares a lot of secrets. I would have love her to share some of her favourite brands but in her latest book she didn't! 
How pretty is she? #massivefangirl


Sunday, May 20, 2012

Nail art challenge #3 ASYMETRICAL BLACK&WHITE

And tada, let me introduce you to my third nail art.
I went for a asymetrical black and white look. 
It's a bit messy but you get the whole concept :-) 

To achieve this look I used a plain white nail polish then my ProNails black pen.
I have never written anything on my nails so it was quite difficult to try drawing some correct lines but I think that with a little bit of practice you can do so much better. I feel like a little kid when trying to draw on my nails LOL so the pen definitely comes really handy for that kind of drawing. The fun thing is that ProNails has a much wider range of nail pens with pretty much every colour out there to create whatever you want on your nails. 

Do you like my latest nail art :-)? 


Saturday, May 19, 2012

Cosmopolitan beauty sponge

This little pink spong must be one of my new favourite way of applying foundation and concealer on my face.
I first wanted one of these sponge because Lauren Conrad mentionned she was using one on her blog.
It is said to blend to product into your skin very well and let you with a flawless finish.
I couldn't get this in Belgium so I had to ask a lovely blogger girl from the UK to send me one !

I got the COSMOPOLITAN one which you can buy at BOOTS.
The shape of the sponge is really handy when it comes for all the difficult areas of your face like concealer under your eyes or around your nose. 

The flat side of the side is best for applying foundation and dab it on all over. I use this a little bit wet to finish the all flawless look attempt. It really works well. 

I would have never thought of using a sponge like this to apply my foundation but now that I have took the plunge I'm so glad I did it :-) 


Thursday, May 17, 2012

Nail art challenge #2 GALAXY NAILS

For my second nail art, I went Star Trek meet Star Wars all the way.
Galaxy nails are so IN lately, I've seen lots of them all around the blogosphere.
This is my own version of Galaxy Nails : 
My skin is rather clear blue with some hint of purple. Tiny holographic stars and massive comets ! 

This one was again a very fun look to achieve. All I needed was a sponge and several nail polishes including some sparkly ones. The result is quite amazing, I'm mesmerized with my nails and I never thought in a million year I would be able to create some Galaxy Nails myself. 

What I used :

Basically I used the deep blue ProNails to create the background blue sky then I dabbed on with the sponge with the white to create the clouds and with the purple to add some dimension. Then I used my sparkly shades to create my Galaxy :-) 


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Marina and the Diamonds make up inspired

I've been super obsessed with Marina and the Diamonds latest album Electra Heart.
Plus, I really dig her new baby blonde tiny heart look. 

The make up look aboslutely GORGEOUS. It's egdy and girly and it suits her perfectly.

My attempt at getting the new Marina and the Diamonds look. I'm not blonde so it doesn't come off as cute and dolly doll as her but eh....
I hope I'm not looking like Lady Gaga here, this is really NOT the aim.

On repeat - LIES ♥ the acoustic version is to die for. 


Nail art challenge #1 TROPICAL COCKTAIL

It's been a while I wanted to try some more nail art. I'm not the most handy person so it always gets a bit messy. I decided to take the plunge and do a Nail Art Challenge. During two weeks I'm going to try different nail art and brainstorm to find some great ideas. I hope you guys will enjoy this little challenge, I thought it would be a fun experience to do. 

So this is my first attempt nail art in two week challenge! 
I wanted to recreate a tropical sunset look as the weather as been more than horrendous lately, a little bit of fun on the nails is more than welcome. The result reminds me more of a tropical cocktail. This look was easy to achieve, you only need a sponge and 3 different colours. I know it's a bit messy but I'm not a pro yet. I really love the result , I'm kind of proud of myself I have to admit.

These are the colours I have used, they are all ProNails nail polishes ( a BELGIAN brand woo hoo)
The quality with those is really great, I was so impressed. The shades are so vibrant and easy to apply.

N°188 - n°257 - n°269

What do we think ladies?
I would love to know your thoughts on my nail art debut :-)


Monday, May 14, 2012

OPI Minnie Mouse collection

I do love Disney and Minnie Mouse, I would love to have my very own Minnie Mouse's ears.
I'm so excited for this new fun and girly collection by OPI that will launch this summer.

I'm not gonna lie, what I'm super excited about in particular is this pink shade filled with TINY HEARTS ( I die ) called "Nothing Mousie 'Bout It". This is something I don't have in my nail polish collection so I'm looking forward to trying it :-) 

Are you as excited as me for this new Minnie Mouse collection?


Sunday, May 13, 2012

#11 What I wore / Shopping mall kind of day

Noooooo. The weekend is over. That went super duper quickly unfortunately.  I had so much fun this weekend, I'm trying to rest and enjoy my free time before the exam session starts in early june. Saturday, I went to a mall just right after the french border with my boyfriend as the weather was rather cold and rainy. It was more of a shopping kinda day :-) Going to France for the day was the perfect occasion to get some skin care as it is less expensive there than in Belgium. I got two Embryolisse lait crème concentré, 1 Avène Cold Cream (which is not pictured) and I bought this amazing deal on the Bioderma Créaline H20, it was 15€ for TWO 500ml bottles. (Sorry if you are reading this and you live in the UK, I know you pay almost twice this price)  I'm finally gonna try this OH SO famous Bioderma Créaline out! After that day, we went to the countryside and I had so much fun.

Hope you all had a great weekend :) 


Thursday, May 10, 2012

Wishlist #3

My real life wishlist is neverending but this is some items I really have been drooling over lately :) 

Topshop Lottie Suede Strappy Sandals / Pink Macbook case / Tom Ford Lydia Oversized Wayfarer 
Zara Shopper Basket / Iphone 4s (I'm so sick and tired of my blackberry) / African Print skirt (I'm planning on doing one myself with my mom's sewing machine) 


Avène Cleanance Gel

I have tried many cleansers during my teenager years. I was very soon into skin care and therefore I was always looking for the perfect cleanser/moisturizer. I think I can say that I have find my holy grail cleanser in the Avène Clenance Gel. I have an overall dry skin with some really dry areas (nose and forehead) all year long so I need a cleanser that isn't too harsh and won't dry my skin out ever more than it's already is. 
The fact that it is a soapless cleanser really helps to keep my washed face not too moistless. I know I have already written a post about this product in a more general way but it deserved a post on itself. I really do adore Avène for creating such great skin care (emphasis on the CARE).

This cleanser is on my top 3 list cleanser right next my Liz Earle cleanser which I love too.

I have bought this countless time for about two years now. This a 250ml bottle + 25% free and it lasts about two months and a half using it daily. Even days when I don't wear makeup I like to cleanse my face as I'm a bit OCD about impurities running in the air and clogging my pores. 
It costs about 14€ in Belgium but I know it costs less in France (about 10€)

The only thing negative I could say about this is that It doesn't remove well waterproof mascara so you definitely need to remove it with an adequate product beforehand.


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I'm back....with some lashes missing.

I have no words. I have not a clue of what happened with my lashes during the night of tuesday and wednesday. A giant part of my lashes are GONE :( It seems like they were cut though I don't remember doing anything to damage them in any way and I don't remember suffering from any eye pain. I'm in such despair, I don't even wear mascara. I think I'm going to have to wear false lashes in the hope they will grow back as long as they were before.

Have you ever had that thing happening to you?
This is a massive lash sos crisis 

XO,MARILOU aka the lashless girl