Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Aussie AUSSOME VOLUME shampoo + TAKE THE HEAT Leave in cream

Aussie is one of..no, it's my FAVOURITE hair care brand in the whole wide world. They have a very wide range of products, pretty much they have a solution to every hair issue out there. I haven't really tried much of their range but my favourite so far of what I've tried is the AUSSOME volume shampoo. This has to be the best shampoo ever for fine hair that need that extra glamorous oomph. How doesn't want voluminous hair after all ? 

The smell is SUPER DIVINE and lasts. I always get compliments on how my hair smells nice when I wash my hair with my AUSSOME Volume. It foams massively and deeply washes your hair leaving you with that clean yet not dull feeling. What's worse that liveless hair? Eeek

When I know that I want to curl my hair  I use my Aussome Volume shampoo with no conditionner afterwards so I know the curls will last longer. Conditionner has a serious tendancy to make my hair uncurlable, it's terribly annoying. 

You probably think "she is curling her hair AND NOT USING A CONDITIONNER, what a fool"
The heat of the curling iron can seriously damaged your hair so I'm using my Leave In Cream from the TAKE THE HEAT range to prevent any damages. I do want curly glamorous hair but split ends? No thanks. It smells amazing, but here again no surprises, it's Aussie! 

I love that it contains Australian Jojoba-seed oil to protect your hair.
I apply the cream after the shower, right before blow drying.
It's non greasy if you don't apply too much product at once and make sure it's well spread all over.

One of my biggest dream would be to live in London and therefore be able to buy AUSSIE all year long. I DREAM BIG !!! :-) 


Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday face

Wearing RED ? What a shocker. That must probably be the only item red I own in my wardrobe.
I got this dress from F21 and I wore it with black thights and a black blazer. En rouge et noir all the way. I had such a lovely lazy weekend with my boyf' but now I do realise that exams are just around the corner and that I need to get myself together and STUDY. 

On that note I'm going to enjoy the last hours of freedom this sunday and catch up on tv shows and dailymail as hectic monday is coming! 


Saturday, April 21, 2012

Zara Black Peony perfume. Flowerbomb dupe?

I was drooling over the magnificent spring collection at Zara the other day with a friend of mine after a successful girl talk at Starbucks when I randomly tried on one Zara's perfume. The bottle was über cute and after smelling it I was like, HOLY SWEET, this smells good!I always knew Zara made perfumes but to be honest I never really paid any attention to it. Well I'm glad I did! This smell of Black Peony is really close to my favourite perfume of all time : Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb. I bought it thinking, this is going to be great to carry around in my bag (think I can't do with my 100ml bottle of Flowerbomb) 
I didn't know how the perfume would last or turn with my skin but it was only 9,95 euros for 30ml so I went for it.

How girly is the packaging? Everything I love. Pink & florals.
It does reminds me a bit of the Flowerbomb packaging as well with that whole floral thing going on. 

I'm so glad I bought this, it's a really great perfume that smells divine. The only thing is that the lasting power is not that amazing, it fades away pretty quickly (about 3-4hours) when my Flowerbomb lasts all day long. I can't really complain for 9,95euros, can't I ? 

The Black Peony has a more intense vanilla scent than the Flowerbomb, that's the only difference I have noticed. 

I might purchase more Zara perfumes as it is a great and affordable alternative to trying a new fragrance.
Have you ever tried any of the Zara perfumes ?


Friday, April 20, 2012

On my nails today : Cashmere Cardigan

Is spring isn't coming to me, I'm coming to spring! 
Enough with dark colours, I'm all about going edgy and colourful from now on. 
I have had this shade for a long time, when I had a massive nail polish fever and was compulsively buying all the nail polishes I could find, and never really used it. Because I'm going to get rid of some nail polishes I don't and never have used I was rediscovering all sorts of varnishes I never or barely used, like this one.
Cashmere cardigan is more of a periwinkle blue, not a baby blue like you would think seeing these pictures. It's more dark IRL and I had many compliments when wearing it. 

I applied three coats because I'm a "three coat" freak but two were definitely enough to get a great coverage. I do really love Orly nail polishes and I'm planning on buying more and more of this brand.

I own many blue nail polishes but not one of them is similar to Cashmere Cardigan.
The name itself is so comfy, don't you think so ? 


Sunday, April 15, 2012

What I wore #10

Would Lauren Conrad be proud of me? This outfit it totally LC inspired. The leather jeggings, the blouse, the blazer, the quilted bag, the peep toe heels, the wavy hair (well attempt at least), the winged liner.  This is what I wore this saturday for a night out with the boyf', the weather was a bit chilly but I just can't wear any winter clothes, my brain has turned into spring mood for GOOD. 
I absolutely adore these jeggings from H&M their leather  like at the front and jeggings at the back. They're super comfy and easy to wear :) I wanted a pair of these for so long but I was afraid it would make me look like a  chubby Tokio Hotel's fan. Hopefully, it's not....

Bag: Marc B // Blouse: Primark // Blazer : French Connection // Leather jeggings: H&M // Heels : New Look // Necklace : H&M


Thursday, April 12, 2012

White nails ♥

I've always had a crush for white nails. Not french manicure or delicate white/pinky nails but plain opaque white.  I like it on short nails. I find that whether I'm tan or not, it makes my hands look great (yes because some colours just don't go well with my pale skin) . I love to wear plain white nails with a colourful outfit. 

ScarJo is rocking the white nails on this picture. It has inspired me to do it afterwards...hoping I would maybe look like her as well but..erm no. One girl can dream though! 

I used my OPI - Alpine Snow in Matte (two coats) then one coat of my OPI- Sunny Bunny (which is a sheer white used for french manicures, to get rid of the tipex effect).

Definitely one of my favourite go-to combo for those days when I feel like white plain nails. It's edgy , easy to wear and it's a good alternative from my dark colours  :) 

Do you like these white nails? :) 


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What I'm loving at the mo'

I love using short words in english like mo', tots, or hol'. Hence the title of this post. IT JUST SOUNDS TOO COOL. I wanted to do a post with my FAV' products at the MO' but first and foremost I wanted to say that this horrendous weather has been so hard to cope with especially because I'm on HOL'. Thanksfully I've had great and enjoyable times with the BOYF'. 

These are all products I've been loving sooo much that I had to buy a back up...and probably will buy again in the years to come. 

OPI - Suzi Skis In The Pyrenees 

My second bottle of this gorgeous deep dark yet not black colour. It doesn't have any red undertones and isn't completely black. Definitely something I can wear on a daily basis , you just can't go wrong with dark short nails! A must have in my go-to nail polishes list. (Lauren Conrad would SO approve it).

Aussie - Aussome Volume Shampoo

Also my second bottle of this amazing shampoo. The smell, the texture, the result, ... everything is just perfect with this shampoo. I love the way it makes my hair feel all day long, deeply washed and the smell is really really great. I wish I could buy Aussie in Belgium, I swear I would not use anything else than this brand for my hair. I can't wait to go to the UK to try more of their incredible range. 

Bourjois - Healthy Mix Serum Foundation

As you can see...this is yet another bottle of my favourite foundation this year. I wasn't really a big Bourjois fan since I've tried their Healthy Mix range. I have a pretty dry skin yet I need some coverage with that dewy and natural finish. Healthy Mix Serum smells divine, has a great coverage that is buildable, does not dry my skin out and leaves me with the most flawless dewy finish.  Cherry on the cake, it's about 15€. It's my go-to foundation that I never feel guilty using (not like my EL Double Wear) 

OPI  - Nail Envy

Two month ago I had tried the Nail Envy Matte and it was love at first application. It's an amazing base coat, that protects my nails from staining, helps them grow and prevents from chipping. I have now bought this great deal with the Original and Matte one. I use this every time I apply my nail polish, it is now a part of my nail routine that I can't skip whatsoever. A must have for your nails! 

What are the products that you have been buying again and again? Please share :) 


Friday, April 6, 2012

On my nails today : American Apparel YELLOW NEON ♥

I was wearing dark colours on my nails for far too long so I decided to go for my gaudiest, brightest neon colour in my collection for a change. The American Apparel Neon in Yellow. I have never seen such an intense and bright neon before this one. I love the AA nail polishes, they have such a great bottle design, amazing range of colours and great nail polish quality. 

I know this may not be at the taste of everyone. People hate it or love it, but it doesn't let indifferent :) 

3 coats were necessary to get this opacity. The texture is a bit hard to apply as it is a bit thick (but like every neon). I wore this with the simpliest outfit on earth to enhance that brightness as much as I could! 

Would you wear it ? :) 


Thursday, April 5, 2012

Produits must have UK - PART 2

La vidéo TANT ATTENDUE. LOL. J'ai enfin trouvé du temps pour finir cette saga infernale :)