Monday, January 30, 2012

What I wore #7 I suck at OOTD-ing

True, I really suck at OOTD. I feel so shy and awkward striking a pose in the middle of street and taking hundred of pictures BUT it's good to show some OOTD on your blog at times. (Well, I guess so as I love when my fav bloggers do so )Basically I just watend to brag about my new plaited zara bag that is my new love. I've been wanting this bag for aaaaages and I don't know why I took so long to purchase it. A must have in my wardrobe. It's huge and comes really handy for anything work/uni related.This outfit is so not weather appropriate, I KNOW. But it was one of this day where you're just going to be carry around in a car for going from one house to another. (that seemed a little bit hookerish..IT'S NOT).I'll definitely share with you some of my other outfits this week or the one to come if I have time to take a picture of it in the morning rush. 

Jacket - French Connection
Bag - Zara 
Shirt - Primark
Jeggings - Uniqlo
Heels boots - Zara

Ok guys Hope you're all well :) 


Blistex lip cream relief

After reading tons of great reviews about this product, I was super excited to find it in the drugstore Kruidvat in Brussels. Blistex is a lip cream relief that instantly relieves your damaged lips. This cold weather can be cold on your lips. I hate hate hate chafed lips, it's 1) so unglamorous 2) so unflattering when your wear lipstick 3) not attractive. Blistex is such a great product that really has a quick effect on your lips. It makes them smoother, softer after a few minutes. In comes in a little tube so it's definitely handy to carry around everywhere with you.
The smell is pretty strong. I believe it has some kind of eucalyptus in it, not disguting but not my favourite! I would have love more a cocoa butter smell but the result is so incredible that I just can't complain.

The consistency is quite thick and white so a little amount is far enough to repair any damaged lips.

With the -11degrees coming this friday, this product is definitely not going to leave my bag!


Friday, January 27, 2012

Les produits de beauté must have UK partie 1

Ma première vidéo en français, remplie de tics de langage les plus affreux les uns que les autres ainsi que pas mal de blabla un peu inutile par moment. 

Oui je suis belge... et non je ne ressens pas le besoin de dire une fois à la fin de toutes mes phrases. ON UTILISE DES MOTS COOL ET TRENDY COMME TOUT LE MONDE, OK :) ?


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Back2Mac disappointment

Oh waw, it's been such a long time I haven't blog! I've been really MIA lately due to my exams then to the week off right after. I'm back and unfortunately, not really happy. Today was such an awful rainy cold day so to cheer me up I decided it was finally time for the big day. The day when you bring back all your empty/depotted items at M.a.c for the Back2Mac (6 empty items = 1 free lipstick of your choice)
I've been a customer at mac for quite a long time now so I had loads of empty items and I was so excited to finally get to choose my free lippies! I have 14 itemps empty so basically I could have get two lipsticks. Massive, massive, massive disappointment when asking the lady at the counter how it worked for the Back2Mac. Basically she said that "THEY WERE NO BACK2MAC IN BELGIUM".

*awkward and confused silence*


I can't even believe this is true, seriously I mean we have 3 mac stores in Belgium and they all work very well. Every country has that Back2Mac thing going on, why not here ? This one other reason to leave this country once I'm done with my studies.  It means I'm gonna have to wait until next time I travel to France, Germany or the UK to get my Back2Mac. This is so ridiculous!!!!! 

Anyways, this was the bad news, the good news is that I'm starting my internship at OPI Belgium next week. I'm so over the moon excited with this new opportunity, definitely right up my alley!

Hope you're all well

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Dara Ettinger jewelry

I'm OBSESSED with Dara Ettinger jewelry range which is basically filled with raw precious stone.
I'm dying to get my hands on some of these jewels, they're just such a nice statement piece to add to any outfits. They're a bit pricy but SO GORGEOUS.


Thursday, January 12, 2012

Note to self

Must stop over thinking. 

Must follow these rules. In particular the expect less. I guess that's the key to not being disappointed.


 I'm totally addicted to the Real Housewives whether it is from NY, Beverly Hills, OC or Atlanta. Although my favourite is the one with the ladies in Beverly Hills :) These shows are my guilty pleasures.

I'll be doing some OOTD as soon as my exams are over :)


Monday, January 9, 2012

On my nails today : Captain Sparrow's boat // Black Pearl DUPE

Chanel Black Pearl has been on my wish list for sooo long. I don't even know why I didn't manage to get it before, I guess I'm just so over spending 20€ on a nail polish and I was waiting for a dupe to show off. Don't get me wrong here, I love Chanel nail polishes, I mean they're just so pretty and classy..packaging wise. I don't see a difference when it comes to quality, for me a nail polish is a nail polish. They are bad quality nail polishes and then regular nail polishes that will chip after a few days. I don't believe in those 10 days with no chipping nail polishes. Chanel do have some amazing colours coming out and I have always find dupes so far but I just don't find they are worth the super expensive price. I mean, it's just nail polish. When I read somewhere that Catrice, a brand that is carried is a drugstore near my house, had an exact dupe of my oh so wanted Black Pearl, I literally ran there to get it and it was the last one! Phew.

 They do went all copy cat in the name. I mean Captain Sparrow's boat ? 

 It's an accurate dupe for Black Pearl although it was hard to capture on camera.
It's such a pretty colour, I am in love with my nails. I guess If I couldn't have find a dupe I would have go for the original Chanel one. It's just such a pretty, unuseful colour.

 The colour is a GORGEOUS shimmery grey/green that alters with the lighting.

Absolutely loving this colour! I know, it's so last decade but I'm really happy to finally own the Black Pearl copy cat varnish :)  

The quality of the CATRICE nail polish is quite outstanding for such a low price (around 4 euros) and you get a rather large amount of product. Catrice have such a wide range of products and I'm seriously eyeing on some other varnish colours.


Saturday, January 7, 2012

So basically today...

I didn't get the charm hidden in the cake "Galette des rois" but I'm still getting the paper crown. Self crowning.

Drinking a disturbing amount of tea while revising.

Nibbling all kind of craps.

Playing with my nail polishes. Understand here =  applying + then reckoning it looks fug on my chubby fingers + removing it.

But still ending with some massive glittery nails. Just because it's fun and girly.

Okay, I'm back to my accounting.

Toodles! Marilou

Thursday, January 5, 2012

FOTD : Sin blush

Yes. Yes. I know I should be revising for my two weeks of exams coming BUT what can I do, every time I need to focus all I want to do is play with my makeup.  Just a quick face of the day with my new love, the blush SIN from the Nars Danmari palette. I'm crazy in love with this colour. 

Nothing too over the top, I have curled my hair then brush them out in attempt to get that Olsen hair look. Meh. In case you would have noticed, I had to cut my hair a bit as they were way too damaged at the ends. I can't cope with split ends anymore, I swear! Such a calamity. I've tried everything, every sérum out there but they always seem to come back one way or another. I miss my longer hair, I feel like a 17 teen now. 

Products I used : 

Bourjois healthy mix serum - 02 Vanilla
Mac studio fix powder - Light
Nars bronzer - Casino (all over the face)
Nars bronzer - Laguna (on the cheeks)
Benefit highlighter - Moon Beam
Nars blush - Sin (from the Danmari Palette)
Naked Palette - Naked and Baked eyeshadows
L'oréal super liner - carbon black
L'oréal mascara - Volume Million Cils 
Barry M lipstick - Marshmallow 

Nars blush in SIN

Not a huge fan of Ed Sheeran but I've been listening to two of his songs lately

Hope everyone is well under this horrendous weather :) 

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Essence gel liner in London Baby

After getting some Essence varnishes, I had to go back and check out the make up range. They are so many things and I really didn't know what were the must haves so after a few researches on beauty blogs I went for the gel liner. I've read so many positive reviews about this gel liner, and being a gel liner lover myself, I couldn't miss the opportunity of trying a new one. I'm currently loving the Maybelline gel liner but I wanted to try something new.  The price is just ridiculous, in a good way obviously. It was something around 3-4 euros. At that price, it so tempting getting more products and try everything.

The great thing you get with those gel liners is that they come if four different shades. Black, purple, green forest and dark taupe. I went for London Baby, the shade 02, which is the dark taupe colour. 

The colour is incredibly gorgeous. Filled with tons of tiny glitters, it is as I said a dark taupe.
The glitters kind of remind me of the holographic you see in some nail polishes. Stunning! I had never seen that colour in a gel liner before.

When swatched heavily on the hand, you can really get a close idea of the colour.
The texture is the creamiest texture I have ever came accross in my makeup history. It is really easy to apply but I do find that it could be more opaque as I need to go over with an other coat to make it even.

The gel liner is definitely my favourite formula when it comes to liners. I love the creaminess of the essence gel liner as one they dry they won't move. I mean, truly won't move. I had to wash the back of my hand several times to eventually get rid of it.  The one thing missing is for me that I doesn't work at ALL in the water line like the Maybelline do. Maybe I will venture myself into using this as an eyeshadow as the finish is absolutely gorgeous.

It is available at KRUIDVAT in Brussels. There is a new one opening Chaussée d'Alsemberg not so far from where I love so I'm getting really excited to get my hands on many more essence products really soon. I don't think you can get this brand in the UK or in the USA which is a shame as they have such a wide fun range of products.

What do you think of this gel liner? Did you heard about the brand Essence?

XO, Marilou

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Nars Danmari Palette ♥

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek. I KNOW.

I can feel 2012 is going to be an amazing year. How wouldn't it be with the Danmari Palette from Nars now in my possession? :-) I was eyeing on this so much and It was sold out pretty much everywhere online.  I was so lucky enough to receive this as a gift from the bf. Perfect gift. I'm so thankful! I absolutely love Nars and the quality of their products, so to get a full 6 shades palette with their blush is just the greatest thing. 

To give you an idea of the size of this little gem, here it is next to a Nars eyeshadow and next to a Nars blusher. I know I will carry this palette everywhere with me, it's so convenient and is it filled with the most beautiful shades. 

I couldn't help myself but take hundred of pictures of this little beauty.
I'm gonna spare you that amount but I have to warn you that is going to be a rather long post :-) 

You gotta love the Nars packaging. The palette comes out so chic although after a few manipulations It was already messed up with my finger prints all over the case and it's impossible to erase :( 

Basically you get an highlighter, a bronzer and four blushes.  Except from Orgasm, I had never tried any of the Nars powder blushes before, so I was sooo excited to try them all, and particularly the shade Sin.

From left to right
First row : Hungry Heart Duo (I) - Orgasm - Desire 
Second row : Casino - Super Orgasm - Sin 

Hungry Heart Duo (I)
This is the highlighter of the palette. A white pearly glittery shade. I already own Albatross and this could be similar however this shade contains wayyyy more glitter than Albatross. 

The well know blush by Nars. Definitely a must have. I already have this shade in multiple and in powder and a third is well welcomed as I absolutely adore this shade, it is so gorgeous.

The bright pink of the bunch. I like that you get one matte shade and that brightness is everything I love in a pink blush.

The bronzer of the palette. I adore Nars bronzer, I'm already a huge fan of the Laguna bronzer and I know Casino is not going to disappoint.

Super Orgasm
Now this is the shade I was the "most disappointed" about. Not because it isn't pretty or pigmented but because I would have expect something a bit different than a super duper glittery Orgasm dupe. I think that a matte peach shade would have been way much interesting for the diversity of the palette. Nevertheless, it is a gorgeous shade.
Last, but not least. My favourite colour of the six. The shade sin directly caught my attention with this massive purple undertones. I don't have anything similar as a blush and I was so intrigued by wearing a purple blush. It came out so gorgeous on my cheeks, I was so surprised! I would have never purchased this by myself but I will definitely try some other purple shades from now on. 

I'm the happiest girl right now as this palette was is my über needed wish list post. That's one item I can cross off the list I guess :-)  I feel so excited when I have to put my make up on as I know I will have to use it and pick a shade. Or maybe mix up one or two :-) I would definitely recommend you to buy this if you ever get the chance to, it is the dream team blush palette!

XO, Marilou 

Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 !

Happy new year ! I hope you had a very good weekend :-) 
A little FOTD of my face on NY's eve.
Pink cheeks and massive lashes. And a happy smile! 

 May this year be filled with loads of unnecessary makeup buys and over the top false lashes.

XO, Marilou