Friday, December 28, 2012

Primark Spring/Summer 2013 : What I'll be picking

I don't know about you, but I loooove looking at Primark new collections online. I don't have a Primark in my city I always have to travel all the way down south my country to get a chance to shop there.
It's kind of exciting not knowing what is in store but It can be disappointing as well. I love to look at youtube Primark haulin' videos and I always get disappointed because I feel that the Primark in Liège really doesn't carry all the cool things they do carry in the UK. Anyways, after scrutinizing all the pictures from the new collection, these are my picks. 

The geometrical clutch. Love love love this. Super versatile yet easy to wear.

This is more like a cool hippie bright clutch you bring with you on vacays. 

I know that studs are so 2011 but I think this bag is really really nice. There is a lot of things going on but it works well. This is a perfect work/uni bag in my opinion to add that little edgy touch to any plain outfit. I also LOVE the fact that there is a strap. It looks very Zara doesn't it? 

I'm not a rebel or anything but since I saw Marianna Makela wearing those kind of studs I really wanted some for myself (I'm lacking some serious personality here I know, I know) Not sure it is really my style though.... 

This necklace also make me think of something Zara would make. It's gold (bling bling) yet colorful and a little bit rebellious with all the spike going on. I love it! I can see myself wearing it with a plain t-fitted shirt and a jeans and massive sunglasses. 

These are NOT super perfect in my opinion (like the Zara ones were) but I'm dying to get some black sandals. I'm so desperate and spring is coming soon so I need to get myself together and find a pair of these.

This could be such a cute bike floral jacket to wear with something SUPER plain underneath.
I need to see it IRL though to check and make sure that the pattern isn't too old granny's curtain inspired. It could look cute with a plain white t shirt, a fitted jeans, some black pointed heels and a gorgeous black bag. With giantic sunglasses and a glamorous hairdo. No? I'm not sure on that one at all.

In the skirt department, I found this little grey thing to be super gorgeous. I have never tried the whole mulet trend but I think It could look really summery and easy to wear with a white tank top and some cute sandals with a super bright necklace.

I absolutely love this dress, it's super girly and fresh looking. Maxi dresses are the best things ever to wear during summertime. It has some cute details on the top part and it looks SO summery. Doesn't it make you want to be in May already? Ha.

This is one of the many things I WON'T BE BUYING FROM PRIMARK ANYTIME SOON.
Where to start? The Isabel Marant snickers replica is really not my cup of tea but why not.
The pattern is just hideous and the scratchy studs are TOO MUCH.
No no no nooooooo. Sorry boo.

Toodles :)