Wednesday, December 26, 2012

My life on Instagram #5

My life this week :

♥Little shopping time at Primark Liège before an exhausting exam session
♥ Listening to some old school songs. JLO at her debut was so in back in the days. I'm a 90's song child and loving every minute of it. 
♥ My new Primark make up case :) 
♥ My Christmas nails with a delicious toblerone under it.
♥ Hi ! (Hello massive puffy eyes from massive cough and very bad nights)
♥ Rainy day, pink brolly! 
♥ My brush holder. Very mischievous.
♥ Bling bling! 
♥ My last ever english written test. I have always love studying english and learning more and more so this has to be the less painful exam I have! 



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