Friday, December 28, 2012

I Love Nail Polish ♥

If you love, breathe, eat glitter be warned that you might LOVE what is going to follow.

When a dear fellow blogger I have been following for a long time announced that she was launching HER VERY OWN LINE of nail polishes, I was ectastic! She did sent me some nail polishes to review but my package didn't make it to my house and went all the way back to hers! Anyway
I NEEDED to share with you some of her collection pictures.

Here's the New Year's collection .

How gorgeous are these babies?

And her winter collection.
I love that all her nail polishes have cute names and she did bother to find one for each of time. I hate when brand just call their nail polishes by number. It find is a bit boring. 

You can find all her nail polishes on her etsy store :-)

Also, on her easy store all swatches are from her and she did such a great job creating all kind of mix and match for her glitters! I'm sure many of you will enjoy her collections. 

You goooooo girl Barbra! 




  1. I have never bought nail polish off etsy but I can see myself being tempted after seeing these! xx

  2. Yay!!! Thank you my dear Marilou :)You are super awesome!! I hope you enjoy the new ones I sent you! hehe