Friday, October 5, 2012

Your daily dose of Lauren Conrad

Being a huuge fan of LC, I do collect her latest pictures. I'm always so inspired by her whether is it her nail colour, her clothes, her chanel bags, her hair.. everything! 

Je suis, pour ceux qui ne le savent pas encore, une énorme fan de Lauren Conrad. Je collecte toutes ses dernières photos paparazzée pour me faire un book spécial inspiration LC. J'adore tout chez elle, ses vêtements, son style, son vernis, ses magnifiques sacs Chanel, ses cheveux..etc.

I love her look here, it's super edgy with the wedges and the green khaki blouse. Oh my god, that Chanel bag is to DIE FOR. 

Here's Lauren at Coachella. I love her indie casual look on that pic. I wouldn't mind having that MiuMiu bag...

 One of my favourite style. The casual glam look. LC really masters that look. The glasses, the bag, the casual sweater. It's casualness perfection.

 Love the denim shirt. 


Okay guys that was your daily dose of LC :)



  1. She always look so chic! I love her! Kisses

  2. I love Lauren Conrad too. Her style is always plain but so elegant. You should read her book Style. Its amazing.

  3. I like seeing her casual outfit, it still looks elegant though ! x

  4. She does do the casual look so well! She always looks so polished and put together - her hair is totally amazing :) I want her whole wardrobe!

  5. She just always looks perfect doesn't she! I love her casual looks, at Coachella and in the airport. Very jealous that she is wearing a Channel and Balenciega bag at the same time, that's just not fair xx

  6. LC a tellement de classe! J'adore son style!

  7. Obsessed!! She's still my style icon xxx