Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Weekend getaway to Köln : schnapps, schnitzels and schmuk.

I just came back from my city trip weekend getaway with my boyfriend. We went to K öln, a city in Germany which is near Belgium. The great thing is that if you take the Thalys it's only 1h30 away from Brussels!

Some currywurst and schnitzels, german all the way!

The weather was lovely, hopefully!

The city cathedral was sooooo impressive. I've never seen one so huge.

This is what I bought the first day! I was so happy with all the "new" makeup brands I could find there.
I have bought so many other things, I can't wait to show you!

At the sushi restaurant Fraulein Chi Chi.

Best sushi I have EVER eaten. So so so so so delicious.
To die for!

They were many frozen yogurts store there, things we don't have in Belgium!
I went there every evening. Yummy yummy!

The german braid hair look :-) 


Gorgeous place to eat some sweets

City posing!

The love lockdown bridge with billions of love lockdowns, it was so cute!

The german beer was not so much my cup of tea but I had to try it

A really yummy cupcake at Royal Cupcake. Mmmmmmmmh

This was such a great city trip with my boyfriend. I had the best time and I highly recommend this city if you're a shopping fanatic! The german people were also very nice and kind :) 

Bitte scheun! Tchuss! Auf Wiedersehen!



  1. Looks like you had a lovely time, and you always look so beautiful! xx

  2. Fantastic pictures Marilou, looks like you two had an amazing time - I'm so jealous! x

  3. I'm jealous your trip looks like what I need right now. You looked gorgeous in your pics too hun x