Friday, August 10, 2012

P2 "Open your eyes" brightener ♥

P2 is a german brand that sells in any DM drugstores.I bought this "Open up your eyes" brightener because it reminded me of the pencil of Eyes Bright by Benefit. The two differences are, the P2 is a JUMBO pencil. It is really huge and will lasts me a lifetime. The P2 also costs around 2 euros, do the math. The one by Benefit was really great but a tad expensive for a an eye pencil in my opinion. So this Jumbo P2 pencil is an amazing alternative.

The size is really large, which I love. It it perfect to use under your eyebrows, in the corner of your eyes and in your waterline. It illuminates all the dark spots. Genius product! 

The colour is the exact dupe to the Benefit one. A light pinky white shade. 
The texture is über creamy and doesn't flake.

If you ever get the opportunity to go to Germany make sure you pick up that eye brightener pencil, it is GREAT!


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