Tuesday, August 21, 2012

NYX Eyeshadow Base

During my trip to Germany, I bought this NYX Eyeshadow base. I have been running low on eyeshadow base since my paint pot by Mac. I have other clear translucide base for eyeshadow but I really wanted one similar to the Paint Pot from Mac although I have been disappointed by the dryness of my Painterly nude shade. After a few month it was completely dry.

I love eyeshadow base that are already colored, it's so easy and quick to apply when you don't have time to apply eyeshadow and you just want your eyelid to stay clean all day.

I have never used any NYX products so I was really excited!

It was around 7euros which is much affordable than the Mac ones.
I went for the shade 01 which is a white base. You need to apply very few of this on the lid, and it gives the nicest white illuminating finish. It lasts ALL day and it's so creamy. It really makes my eyeshadows stick really well. 

I'm so glad I bought this product, it's an amazing eyeshadow base and I wish I had bought a back up because I know I'm gonna use this every single day from now on. I wish we could buy NYX in Belgium!


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