Monday, August 13, 2012

Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit

During my trip to Germany, I bought these two Neutrogena products.
I have to be honest with you, the packaging really was one of the main reason why. It's pink, it's girly and it smells like pink grapefruit = heaven! I'm more used to use Avène or La Roche Posay products for my skin because it doesn't have too much of an overpowering smell. I always feel like if the smell is too strong, the product is too chemical and will damage your skin, clog your pores etc. BUT because those products look and smell girly and because I never found any Neutrogena product in Belgium, I thought, Oh why not try those. It was less than 5 euros for each. Bargain!

The first product, is a face gel wash. It comes with a pump which is SUPER convenient. I wish all my face wash product had one. It is said to have a microclear technology and bla and bla. Everything is explained in German so TBH I don't really know all the deets :) 

The smell is really nice. If the colour pink should have a smell it would be that exact same smell.
Fruity and girly all the way.

On the washing side, I have been left a bit disappointed. It doesn't foam as much as I wish it would and I haven't had that clean feeling after using it. I like my skin über clean at night so this isn't washing enough for me. I have to use this in combo with my Bioderma after.

The other product is the Neutrogena Visibly Clear Peeling.
It has a thicker consistency than the first one and contains billions of tiny scrubing balls in it. Scrubing balls?Yeah you know what I'm trying to describe :) 
This product is a peeling and it foams really really nicely onto to the skin when mixed with water. It cleans and purify. I have been nicely surprised and I have been using this a lot since getting it. I regret that it doesn't have a pump either it would have been so perfect!The smell is the same as the other one and stay a little bit on the skin after using it, which isn't bothering for me. I thought it would but finally it didn't.

If I have a chance to ever rebuy one of these products it would be the peeling one without the shadow of a doubt. It smells nice, it does its job and it's inexpensive = winning product!
Maybe if your skin is too senstive this would be too "smelly" and not dermatological enough for you 

What have been your favourite face washing products lately? Share please, I'm also on the hunt for new products skin care wise :)



  1. Hey!
    Ca me donne vraiment envie de tester le peeling :D
    Je voulais justement te demander, j'utilise tous les jours l'eau micellaire de bioderma mais evidement ce n'est pas assez pour prendre soin de ma peau,je vois tellement d'articles sur les blogs etc que je ne sais pas trop vers quoi m'orienter, donc d'habitude qu'utilises tu pour ta routine skincare?

    1. J'ai fait une vidéo la dessus c'est toujours ma routine du moment. cela dépend aussi de la peau que tu as et du résultat que tu cherches à avoir :-) je pense que le nettoyant avène sans savon + un bon hydratant est une bonne base pour commencer. j'espère que ça t'aideras :-)

    2. Je te remercie je vais tester le nettoyant avène :)
      Bonne soirée!

  2. I haven't used the wash, but I really like the scrub one! May have to buy some when I next need a face wash. If you ever want me to get you some Neutrogena or any other UK products just let me know :) xx

    1. I have used better face wash than this one, it doesn't foam as much as I wish it would. Thank you so much :) xx (same for you in Belgium though you have everrrrrything in the uk) héhé

  3. I love the scrub one, we have it here in Australia! I haven't bothered with the wash as somehow I knew it wouldn't be as great! :)

    1. You were so right not to do so :) xx