Friday, August 31, 2012

Maybelline Super Stay 24H

I was on the hunt for a EL DOUBLE WEAR dupe. Understand here, a heavy covering foundation that stays all day. I had never tried any Maybelline before, so when I saw that it was only 10euros in Germany, I immediately bought it. The Superstay 24h says to last all day long with a heavy coverage.I was super excited to try it as my Estée Lauder Double Wear is running on low and I really wanted a more affordable product.

I got the shade 20 CAMEO. Which is not the latest but one of the lightest. It's not pale enough for my natural skin colour, I can only wear this with a tan on. I find it so sad that almost every drugstore foundation doesn't have a really pale shade. It always starts at a medium shade, it's almost all the time too dark for me!
I really like the packaging of this product, I find it simple and easy to use. The pump is SUCH a must have, it's any foundation's best asset. When I have to use my EL without any pump, it drives me nuts. Me love pump!

The foundation has a floral smell but it's nothing overpowering so that's alright.
I find this product to last really well, I have been loving wearing it lately. It makes my skin FLAW-LESS.It has a pretty heavy coverage without going cakey. It does look bad on my dry patches but I really moisturize my face before applying it so I'm sure I'm not going to look like a moisture-less person (ew ew ew). I have to say that the finish is pretty matte, nothing dewy, which I'm surprised I like. I'm used to use foundation with a dewy finish, so this is a new finish I have to get use too.

I would definitely repurchase this foundation as my summer foundation to replace my EL Double Wear. I'm so sad that it doesn't have a shade much lighter though so I could use it during winter too as the coverage is amazing!

I have bought so many foundations lately, I'm so excited to review them all :)



  1. Great review I haven't heard of this yet, hope they bring more shades out for you xx

  2. I wish they had the pump version in the us

  3. I've recently bought this foundation & I absolutely love it!!

  4. oh a matte finish that sounds really good to me, need to make a mental note of this product, thanks hun x

  5. Mari Lou! You were the first winner of my giveaway! Please check out my latest post and then email me so I can get your info to send.that out to you!!!
    Congrats ;)

  6. Nice post! Luv your blog! I'm following you now, wanna follow me back?

  7. This sounds great! I love hearing about foundations :) x