Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Fashion crushes

Millie Macintosh with her lovely baby pug! I love this outfit, it's so girly and versatile.

Sophia Bush with a GORGEOUS nude dress. 
I love that it is so simple on her because she is not too busty and the cleavage doesn't look vulgar. She kept her makeup very soft as well. Can you imagine this dress on Chloé from TOWIE? Yuck! LOLShe looks fantastic (I've always been a huge fan of her from when I was watching One Tree Hills)

Still in that summer spirit, Kim K with a blouse and a nude pair of jeans.
I love the side braid and glasses. It looks more like a Kourtney K casual look though.

Now onto some autumn items I've been really wanting. You know that fall is just around the corner and it's my favouuuurite fashion part of the year. 

This burgundy blazer from Topshop. 
Great to match with a pair of jeans and a white tee. Perfect college outfit.

Yet an other Zara bag. This one is sooo pretty and very fall appropriate. I love everything about it, the colours, the size, the material... come to mama!

 And finally an other blazer from Primark. I love that it doesn't look Primark-esque at ALL.
 A nude sophisticated blazer is such a key item to any wardrobe. Perfect for a night out, or day time shopping. 



  1. Kim Kardashian will always be one of my style crushes. I hate to admit it though :P

  2. I love Sophia Bush!! She looks good in anything!!

  3. I love the look of that Zara bag, I want to make it mine! x

  4. I love Kim Kardashians style ... Giveaway on my blog RoRos World

  5. Love love love Millie Macintosh :-)