Monday, August 13, 2012

Dinner date + neon nails

Dinner date with the boyfriend. We ate vietnamese food and it was good!
The weather was really nice for a change so it was OK to go out without a jacket of any kind. wee hee!
I went super light on the makeup even though it was a dinner date. I played the glowy card with my Illamasqua pink cream blush and natural hair!

I wore my American Apparel NEON RED.
Such a STUNNING neon that I had for a while for I don't know why, didn't really love that much before. I thought it wasn't neon enough. WELL IT IS!!!! Maybe I was really tired that day because the colour is simply gorgeous.It's clearly a neon orangey red. It's a nice addition to any plain outfit :)
Sorry the application is a bit messy, I was in a rush to leave the boyf's house! 



  1. Oooh jolie Marilou!

  2. You look stunning in that picture! I'm not usually one for neon nails but that polish is lovely too xx

  3. You look so beautiful in the picture & I love the nail polish!!


  4. Cute nails!

  5. thanks for following my blog! I really love your hair...and your nail polish!