Friday, August 31, 2012

Maybelline Super Stay 24H

I was on the hunt for a EL DOUBLE WEAR dupe. Understand here, a heavy covering foundation that stays all day. I had never tried any Maybelline before, so when I saw that it was only 10euros in Germany, I immediately bought it. The Superstay 24h says to last all day long with a heavy coverage.I was super excited to try it as my Estée Lauder Double Wear is running on low and I really wanted a more affordable product.

I got the shade 20 CAMEO. Which is not the latest but one of the lightest. It's not pale enough for my natural skin colour, I can only wear this with a tan on. I find it so sad that almost every drugstore foundation doesn't have a really pale shade. It always starts at a medium shade, it's almost all the time too dark for me!
I really like the packaging of this product, I find it simple and easy to use. The pump is SUCH a must have, it's any foundation's best asset. When I have to use my EL without any pump, it drives me nuts. Me love pump!

The foundation has a floral smell but it's nothing overpowering so that's alright.
I find this product to last really well, I have been loving wearing it lately. It makes my skin FLAW-LESS.It has a pretty heavy coverage without going cakey. It does look bad on my dry patches but I really moisturize my face before applying it so I'm sure I'm not going to look like a moisture-less person (ew ew ew). I have to say that the finish is pretty matte, nothing dewy, which I'm surprised I like. I'm used to use foundation with a dewy finish, so this is a new finish I have to get use too.

I would definitely repurchase this foundation as my summer foundation to replace my EL Double Wear. I'm so sad that it doesn't have a shade much lighter though so I could use it during winter too as the coverage is amazing!

I have bought so many foundations lately, I'm so excited to review them all :)


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

#17 What I wore : chunky & comfy

I love my new chunky cardigan from H&M. it's so comfy and goes with anything.
This was a very comfy chunky outfit, with a side braid to add a bit more casualty to the thing.

A little close up

I went to my favourite italian restaurant Pino in Ath. 
SO DELICIOUS. You can taste all the products are from Italia, it's just fireworks in your mouth!

My new favourite drink . Arizona PEACH.
SO GOOD. I'm such a food junkie, jeez!


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Fashion crushes

Millie Macintosh with her lovely baby pug! I love this outfit, it's so girly and versatile.

Sophia Bush with a GORGEOUS nude dress. 
I love that it is so simple on her because she is not too busty and the cleavage doesn't look vulgar. She kept her makeup very soft as well. Can you imagine this dress on Chloé from TOWIE? Yuck! LOLShe looks fantastic (I've always been a huge fan of her from when I was watching One Tree Hills)

Still in that summer spirit, Kim K with a blouse and a nude pair of jeans.
I love the side braid and glasses. It looks more like a Kourtney K casual look though.

Now onto some autumn items I've been really wanting. You know that fall is just around the corner and it's my favouuuurite fashion part of the year. 

This burgundy blazer from Topshop. 
Great to match with a pair of jeans and a white tee. Perfect college outfit.

Yet an other Zara bag. This one is sooo pretty and very fall appropriate. I love everything about it, the colours, the size, the material... come to mama!

 And finally an other blazer from Primark. I love that it doesn't look Primark-esque at ALL.
 A nude sophisticated blazer is such a key item to any wardrobe. Perfect for a night out, or day time shopping. 


NYX Eyeshadow Base

During my trip to Germany, I bought this NYX Eyeshadow base. I have been running low on eyeshadow base since my paint pot by Mac. I have other clear translucide base for eyeshadow but I really wanted one similar to the Paint Pot from Mac although I have been disappointed by the dryness of my Painterly nude shade. After a few month it was completely dry.

I love eyeshadow base that are already colored, it's so easy and quick to apply when you don't have time to apply eyeshadow and you just want your eyelid to stay clean all day.

I have never used any NYX products so I was really excited!

It was around 7euros which is much affordable than the Mac ones.
I went for the shade 01 which is a white base. You need to apply very few of this on the lid, and it gives the nicest white illuminating finish. It lasts ALL day and it's so creamy. It really makes my eyeshadows stick really well. 

I'm so glad I bought this product, it's an amazing eyeshadow base and I wish I had bought a back up because I know I'm gonna use this every single day from now on. I wish we could buy NYX in Belgium!


Thursday, August 16, 2012

A little bit of LC love


I've been rewatching The Hills from the beginning and I just love it as much as I did the first time.
I can't get tired of watching this show.

Here's some of my favourite gifs from LC and some famous The Hills quotes

She is so perfect!

Is that weird to say that Lauren is like my role model in life? LOL


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

On my nails today

I'm wearing this lovely bright orange from ProNails

The application was so easy and opaque after 3 coats. I love that the colour is so vibrant and 'in your face' yet it isn't a neon! A perfect colour for summer days to spice up any outfits :) 

What do we think girlies?


Monday, August 13, 2012

Get the look : bow nails

HOW CUTE? I always thought that I would love to get some kawaii japanese nails. KKcenterHK has made my dream come true. They have the widest range of cute nail items.I got a pack of 5 bows. I find them so adorable!They are in plastic so it was easy to glue them once my nail polish was dry with a regular false nail glue. No issue to remove them as well.

It creates a fun a girly nail art in a sec. No need to take 3 hours to dry a messy bow on your nail, just stick it on :) I used them with Essie Fiji which is a lovely white pinky colour.

Then I used my bow with OPI Suzi skies in the Pyrenees (my favourite dark colour)

They come in a pack of 5 bows and you can use them over and over again which I love!
You just have to slightly clean it after removing it from the nail. I love that they are 3D, it gives so much dimension to your nail art and it looks so uncommon and fancy!

You can buy them here

what do you think about my bow nails? :)

Dinner date + neon nails

Dinner date with the boyfriend. We ate vietnamese food and it was good!
The weather was really nice for a change so it was OK to go out without a jacket of any kind. wee hee!
I went super light on the makeup even though it was a dinner date. I played the glowy card with my Illamasqua pink cream blush and natural hair!

I wore my American Apparel NEON RED.
Such a STUNNING neon that I had for a while for I don't know why, didn't really love that much before. I thought it wasn't neon enough. WELL IT IS!!!! Maybe I was really tired that day because the colour is simply gorgeous.It's clearly a neon orangey red. It's a nice addition to any plain outfit :)
Sorry the application is a bit messy, I was in a rush to leave the boyf's house! 


Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit

During my trip to Germany, I bought these two Neutrogena products.
I have to be honest with you, the packaging really was one of the main reason why. It's pink, it's girly and it smells like pink grapefruit = heaven! I'm more used to use Avène or La Roche Posay products for my skin because it doesn't have too much of an overpowering smell. I always feel like if the smell is too strong, the product is too chemical and will damage your skin, clog your pores etc. BUT because those products look and smell girly and because I never found any Neutrogena product in Belgium, I thought, Oh why not try those. It was less than 5 euros for each. Bargain!

The first product, is a face gel wash. It comes with a pump which is SUPER convenient. I wish all my face wash product had one. It is said to have a microclear technology and bla and bla. Everything is explained in German so TBH I don't really know all the deets :) 

The smell is really nice. If the colour pink should have a smell it would be that exact same smell.
Fruity and girly all the way.

On the washing side, I have been left a bit disappointed. It doesn't foam as much as I wish it would and I haven't had that clean feeling after using it. I like my skin über clean at night so this isn't washing enough for me. I have to use this in combo with my Bioderma after.

The other product is the Neutrogena Visibly Clear Peeling.
It has a thicker consistency than the first one and contains billions of tiny scrubing balls in it. Scrubing balls?Yeah you know what I'm trying to describe :) 
This product is a peeling and it foams really really nicely onto to the skin when mixed with water. It cleans and purify. I have been nicely surprised and I have been using this a lot since getting it. I regret that it doesn't have a pump either it would have been so perfect!The smell is the same as the other one and stay a little bit on the skin after using it, which isn't bothering for me. I thought it would but finally it didn't.

If I have a chance to ever rebuy one of these products it would be the peeling one without the shadow of a doubt. It smells nice, it does its job and it's inexpensive = winning product!
Maybe if your skin is too senstive this would be too "smelly" and not dermatological enough for you 

What have been your favourite face washing products lately? Share please, I'm also on the hunt for new products skin care wise :)


Saturday, August 11, 2012

Vidéo : autobronzant

L'autobronzant. Qui, pourquoi, comment, quelles marques ?
Tout est dans ma nouvelle vidéo! :-)


Friday, August 10, 2012

P2 "Open your eyes" brightener ♥

P2 is a german brand that sells in any DM drugstores.I bought this "Open up your eyes" brightener because it reminded me of the pencil of Eyes Bright by Benefit. The two differences are, the P2 is a JUMBO pencil. It is really huge and will lasts me a lifetime. The P2 also costs around 2 euros, do the math. The one by Benefit was really great but a tad expensive for a an eye pencil in my opinion. So this Jumbo P2 pencil is an amazing alternative.

The size is really large, which I love. It it perfect to use under your eyebrows, in the corner of your eyes and in your waterline. It illuminates all the dark spots. Genius product! 

The colour is the exact dupe to the Benefit one. A light pinky white shade. 
The texture is über creamy and doesn't flake.

If you ever get the opportunity to go to Germany make sure you pick up that eye brightener pencil, it is GREAT!


Thursday, August 9, 2012

On my nails today : deep navy blue

I'm wearing this GORGEOUS navy blue by Pronails.
The colour is so deep and mesmerizing, I really love it.
It's a great alternative to black and dark plum which I basically wear all the time.
I think every girl should a similar colour, it's really pretty.

What do we think ladies?


Daily want

I have my eyes on that black Zara coat with those gorgeous sleeve.

I saw it first on Rochelle Wiseman and I thought OMG this is such a gorgeous outfit.
The coat really makes it even more perfect.

The details of this jacket are really nice. It would be the perfect night out jacket as well!
Unfortunately it retails at 169 euros. What? It seems like Zara just gets more expensive every year.

Have you also been looking for some autumn and winter clothes?
I'm just so over this pretended summer :)


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Vidéo : Haul beauté - allemagne

Mes petits achats en Allemagne :) 

c'est fou à quel point Youtube sélectionne toujours les PIRES miniatures pour les vidéos LOL


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Weekend getaway to Köln : schnapps, schnitzels and schmuk.

I just came back from my city trip weekend getaway with my boyfriend. We went to K öln, a city in Germany which is near Belgium. The great thing is that if you take the Thalys it's only 1h30 away from Brussels!

Some currywurst and schnitzels, german all the way!

The weather was lovely, hopefully!

The city cathedral was sooooo impressive. I've never seen one so huge.

This is what I bought the first day! I was so happy with all the "new" makeup brands I could find there.
I have bought so many other things, I can't wait to show you!

At the sushi restaurant Fraulein Chi Chi.

Best sushi I have EVER eaten. So so so so so delicious.
To die for!

They were many frozen yogurts store there, things we don't have in Belgium!
I went there every evening. Yummy yummy!

The german braid hair look :-) 


Gorgeous place to eat some sweets

City posing!

The love lockdown bridge with billions of love lockdowns, it was so cute!

The german beer was not so much my cup of tea but I had to try it

A really yummy cupcake at Royal Cupcake. Mmmmmmmmh

This was such a great city trip with my boyfriend. I had the best time and I highly recommend this city if you're a shopping fanatic! The german people were also very nice and kind :) 

Bitte scheun! Tchuss! Auf Wiedersehen!