Friday, July 6, 2012

Nails of the day : Hidden Treasure

I'm wearing my gorgeous Sally Hansen topcoat in Hidden Treasure today.
It's flakey and almost indescribable in terms of colours. From yellow to green or red, depending on the light. It's a great way to spice up any nail polish.

I won this baby a long time ago on a giveaway and I don't know why I never posted about it, although it's SUPER gorgeous. Too bad that Sally Hansen is not selling in Europe, they have some amazing colours and a really large range of products.

What do we think? :) 



  1. Wow! It's like an exact dupe for Essie's Shine of the Times! Love it :)

  2. SH is selling in Europe but not in Belgium. I wonder why.

  3. i finally caved and bought this on ebay yesterday, cant wait to try it out! x

  4. Sally Hansen is selling... in France's Sephora shops! :-) Next time you go to France, you should find them there. (And you're right: Sally Hansen's nail polishes are incredibly great!) xoxox

  5. That must have been some awesome giveaway ;) hehe