Friday, July 6, 2012

My 5 steps to a perfect manicure

Step 1
I clean my nails with my nail brush, that you at any drugstore. 
You don't want any distuging thing stuck under your nail fingers, yuck! 
Then I file my nails with a girly sparkly or leopard printed nail file to put them back in decent shape. 

Step 2
I gently scrub my cuticles with my Pro Nails Cuti-Treat. That product smells DIVINE.
After using it, my nail surface feels so soft and polished.

Step 3
I moisturize my scrubbed nails and cuticles with my Jessica Phenomen Oil.
This is a really intense moisturizer that smells like marzipan. 
I find nothing more disgracious than a great manicure with a bundle of ugly cuticles everywhere around the nails. Eeeek.
 I love this product and as you can see I'm almost at the end of the bottle. 

Step 4
Before applying your nail polish, you want to make sure that your nails are protected from all that vile  chemical ingredients. 
Using a base like the Opi Nail Envy Matte or Original will strengthen and protect your nails from any staining or nail discoloration. 
(I find that the Matte version really prevents from chipping, which is a PLUS)

Step 5
After applying your two or three coats of nail polish, you want to make it shine and last. 
So I'm using my Essie No Chips Ahead top coat at the moment and if I'm really in a hurry I used my Jessica Quick Dry drops to make the nail polish dry even faster.

And tataaa, this is my recipe for a perfect manicure. (when I have time of course)



  1. it's a very interesting blog for me thank you !

    The Girl Of My Best Friend

  2. great tips:) I'm def putting OPI nail envy on my list to buy soon!

  3. love opi nail envy in both matte and original and i also swear by cleaning nails with nail brushes! xxx