Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation

I've been obsessed with drugstore foundations lately. I basically want to try them all!
Rimmel Wake Me Up was on my wishlist for quite a while when I decided to take the plunge and purchase it. I have to say, I wouldn't have buy this foundation if I hadn't read loads of great reviews on it. The packaging just isn't attractive. What's with the massive orange cap? It looks hideous.
I have never tried any Rimmel foundation so I was really excited to see what was all the hype about.

I have a super dry skin so I have to avoid any foundation that is too matte otherwise it will make my dry patches pop even more. Yikes. When I read that this foundation was an anti-fatigue effect + radiant glow I really it would be a great match for me. I was really disappointed at the range of colours available. They were only 5 or 6 shades. I had to pick up the "lightest" Ivory 100 one which I think is rather dark for a pale skin girl like me. I wear this foundation when I have fake tan on, then it matches perfectly :)

I really loved the pump. I know this may sounds crazy but this is one of my ultimate pet peeve in the make up world. Why would you not put a pump or your foundations? Just why?

The texture is incredibly thick at first, I thought I would never be able to blend it. It reminded me of the EL Double Wear. Once you blend it, it gives a very natural finish. I don't personally think that it is a very dewy/glowy finish. I would say that it is more of a matte finish but nothing extreme.The coverage is really great, it covers all my freckles (I love them but it gives you an idea of the coverage it provides héhé). I find this foundation to last a decent amount of hours. I would not say that it lasts ALL DAY (only my EL Double Wear does that) but it quite reasonnable for the price.

I'm not sure I would repurchase this as I'm on a hunt for more drugstore foundations. It is a great foundation for a daily basis although the smell bugs me a little, it's on the overpowering side (but it doesn't last all day) Next I want to try the Stay All Day by Maybelline and the L'oréal True Match (as they have a wider range of shades)

This was around 13euros and you can find it in Belgium in every DI AND KRUIDVAT drugstores. (I must admit that the stand looks cleaner at DI)

Monday, July 30, 2012

Email Diamant teeth whitening

I would die to have the super white hollywood smile. I know all these celebrities have fake whitened teeth but still I think that the white bright smile is a key to a beautiful face. Not that you're ugly if you don't have been blessed with perfect teeth but it's a really good face enhancer. LOL.
Plus, if you wear lipstick, it's always better when you have white teeth.My teeth aren't yellow but I drink a lot of green tea, I drink wine, I eat pretty much everything that isn't good for your teeth.

This is my secret to keep my teeth decently white on a daily basis.

I use Email Diamant toothpaste!

It is said to make your teeth look whiter and brighter while respecting and protecting the tooth enamel and the gums. I use this toothpaste in combo with my regular toothpaste every single day.
I do feel that it brightens and whitened my teeth. It's not on a long term period though, it's a daily result.
If you stop using it, it's back to normal.

The taste and the texture isn't the best. It doesn't foam and doesn't taste so good that why I mix it with my regular toothpaste. The colour may frighten you as it is bright red. It does leave your tongue a bit red after using it :)

 I'm really pleased with the results though and I have been using this product on and on for a year. I has become a must have! It costs around 4 euros and you can find it at any DI Drugstores for the belgian peeps!


Sunday, July 29, 2012

Bits & Bobs

I can't name this post as it is pretty much some random stuff I wanted to share with you :) 
First, a face of the day. Ok I lie this is an old face of the day that I found in my iPhoto hihi!
 with some patchy fake tan on my neck *hint hint*. I like it because I kept it very simple these days, I like the combo bright blush + eyeliner and nude lips. My hair were way darker too than they are now!

I've been loving my false lashes. Very Towie-esque.
I'm dying to buy some of those offer on Ebay, like 60 lashes for 5€.
You always need some back up lashes!

Some beauty products I've been using a LOT lately.

I visited a museum with my boyfriend and I was so mesmerized at the precious stones!
Look at this baby!!!! SHINY SHINY

I had a 2hours long journey by myself on the train to the sunny belgian's coast last sunday so I had to entertain myself. My iPod, a notebook and the book I'm loving at the moment, the title is in french here but it's called "Animals" in english. Very good book, I highly recommend it to you. It's about eating animals, why? is it good? the guy did a whole research on that in the USA and it's very shocking.

I was a vegetarian for a solid 10 month because the thought of the meat on my plate suffering was really bothering but then again I was torn because I do crave some crazy hamburgers from time to time.Now I'm a low meat eater, I don't eat anything raw or bloody but I'm still considering becoming a veggie in the future. This book really is making me reconsidering it.

When I told you I was craving hamburgers SO bad from time to time!
This was a delicious homemade one in a burger restaurant in Courtrai.


Sunday, July 22, 2012

Le Petit Olivier - Facial Scrub

I've been on the hunt for the perfect facial scrub for years. I've tried a lot of different brands.
I have super dry skin so I need a facial scrub that is gentle yet effective and is going to get rid of any impurities while not making my skin drier than it is already.
Le Petit Olivier is a french brand.

"Offer your skin renewed radiance with the Gentle Facial Scrub from Le Petit Olivier which contains natural ground olive stone powder and enriched in Olive Oil"

 I chose it because it has Olive Oil in it and therefore it moisturize your skin at the same time. 

The texture is very thick and transforms into a creamy white scrub when it gets in contact with water 

I really liked the texture, it felt really cleasing and my skin hasn't been more dry than it already is so that's good! The smell was really subtle, I hate when face products have overpowering smell.
It is also paraben free. I'm not going to cheer for that, it's a great thing but I think I should be common sense not to have any paraben in ANY body/face/hair products. I mean, it was about time.

The only other facial scrub that was not too drying yet super effective for me was the one from Liz Earle. I'm so happy I tried this one from Le Petit Olivier, it's a brand I never tried before and I'm looking forward to try more of their products.


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

On my nails today : Neon Glitter

I was contacted by Maggie from KKcenterHK which is basically a really great hong kong based beauty related website where you can find anything a girly girl would want from fake lashes, to makeup, wigs, hair extensions, clothing, shoes and everything nail related. I love that the website has soooo many brands that we don't even know about here in Belgium or even Europe. The variety of product is really insane. I got to chose three products to review so I'm really excited to show you guys my first choice. It was a bit hard to chose I have to admit as I pretty much wanted everything :) 

I absolutely LOVED KKcenterHK range of nail glitter. You have pretty every shape and size out there.
It hard really hard to chose but I went for the Neon Glitter

HOW GORGEOUS? Oh my god I just want to dip my whole self in those glitters. 
I wish I could take a glitter bath. These glitters are so amazingly pretty, I'm in LOVE.

I love chunky glitters. For the first look I did the "ring finger" thing with black nail polish to really make the glitter pop (although you don't really need anything to make this baby pop)

With flash.

It was easy peasy to achieve this look. You just have to dip your finger in the glitter jar.
I applied two coats of nail polish, then a top coat and dip it RIGHT after. The sticky topcoat will make the glitter stick to the nail. Then I just dab it on and removed the excess of glitter.
It was done in like three minutes. EASY AND GIRLY.

For my second look I did the whole nails. It was so hard to capture but you can see the party on my nails. It is even more gorgeous in real life. So many different shades. 

What I love also about these glitters it that it totally changes whether you wear with on a black base or a white base.

Can you tell I'm über excited with this neon glitter jar by the number of pictures I have taken? LOL

What do we think ladies? Do you love this as much as I do?
Which on do you prefer? White base of black base?

I'm so happy I ever tried this neon glitter from N.Nail.
You can find all their nail products on http://www.kkcenterhk.com
I can't wait to show you guys the two other nail products I got! Stay tuned :) 


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

#16 What I wore⎥ The wedding bells

This is what I wore to attend a wedding the other day. I'm so not used to wear bright colours so this was a bit of change in my wardrobe, but I feel like buying more bright clothes from now on, with a bit of a tan on it looks cool !

XO, Marilou 

Friday, July 13, 2012

share some love

That Zara necklace is everything I love, chunky, edgy and gollllldddddd

A bit of a the one and only Lauren Conrad. I'm sad that we don't hear much of her lately.
I can always watch reruns of episode of The Hills though when I need my LC fix.

I love Miranda Kerr style, not to mention that she has a really hot bod.
The nude heels, the bag and the polka dots sheer blouse = fab combo!

Love this look! 

Olivia Palermo with the Zara Jacket. I think it's a cute look :)


On my nails today : Green with envy

My camera is driving me NUTS. Green with Envy by ORLY is NOT a turquoise nail polish. I don't know why it just would turn turquoise on camera, it is not.
Green with envy is a GREEN nail polish hence the name :) 
It is a gorgeous colour that I can't capture unfortunately.


Thursday, July 12, 2012

#15 What I wore : The starbucks outfit

Nothing like an afternoon with a girlfriend gossiping, laughing out loud and sipping a delicious starbucks! In my opinion, starbucks equals a very comfy and casual outfit with a touch of bling.
I would not wear heels and be all pampered to go there. I opted for a Lauren Conrad inspired look AS PER USUAL. PS : My favourite drink : the caramel frappuccino with LOADS of whipped cream :) 


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Eye make up of the day

Sorry the light of these pictures is terrible due to the terrible weather.
I went a bit heavy on the eyes. Mixing black, dark brown and gold.

I loooove mixing eyeshadows together and create my own eyeshadow.
I wish I could create my own line of make-up one day. 


Friday, July 6, 2012

My 5 steps to a perfect manicure

Step 1
I clean my nails with my nail brush, that you at any drugstore. 
You don't want any distuging thing stuck under your nail fingers, yuck! 
Then I file my nails with a girly sparkly or leopard printed nail file to put them back in decent shape. 

Step 2
I gently scrub my cuticles with my Pro Nails Cuti-Treat. That product smells DIVINE.
After using it, my nail surface feels so soft and polished.

Step 3
I moisturize my scrubbed nails and cuticles with my Jessica Phenomen Oil.
This is a really intense moisturizer that smells like marzipan. 
I find nothing more disgracious than a great manicure with a bundle of ugly cuticles everywhere around the nails. Eeeek.
 I love this product and as you can see I'm almost at the end of the bottle. 

Step 4
Before applying your nail polish, you want to make sure that your nails are protected from all that vile  chemical ingredients. 
Using a base like the Opi Nail Envy Matte or Original will strengthen and protect your nails from any staining or nail discoloration. 
(I find that the Matte version really prevents from chipping, which is a PLUS)

Step 5
After applying your two or three coats of nail polish, you want to make it shine and last. 
So I'm using my Essie No Chips Ahead top coat at the moment and if I'm really in a hurry I used my Jessica Quick Dry drops to make the nail polish dry even faster.

And tataaa, this is my recipe for a perfect manicure. (when I have time of course)


Nails of the day : Hidden Treasure

I'm wearing my gorgeous Sally Hansen topcoat in Hidden Treasure today.
It's flakey and almost indescribable in terms of colours. From yellow to green or red, depending on the light. It's a great way to spice up any nail polish.

I won this baby a long time ago on a giveaway and I don't know why I never posted about it, although it's SUPER gorgeous. Too bad that Sally Hansen is not selling in Europe, they have some amazing colours and a really large range of products.

What do we think? :) 


Thursday, July 5, 2012

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Watermelon anyone ?

A refreshing nail art isn't it ?
I saw it on Kelly's blog and I thought it was such a cute nail art. The weather is sunny today which I know it's not gonna last very long so It was the perfect opportunity to wear my watermelon nails.


Monday, July 2, 2012

#14 What I wore

This week end I spent a lovely day in Tournai. It was a sunny and hot day, which means it was time to wear my ethnic printed skirt ! Hoorah!

The skirt is from H&M last year. It's SO FIT!

Also I thought it would be fun to share with you my workout outfit. Always with sunglasses on, lauren conrad's way :-) 

Hope you had a good weekend too!