Tuesday, June 19, 2012

#12 What I wore / A day in Liège

I had such a great day in Liège today which is a city located in the south of Belgium.
I particularly love this city for one main reason and many others. The main reason is that is it the only city in Belgium that has a PRIMARK. Yessssssss. The weather was, thankfully, gorgeous and I was able to really chill and enjoy a sunny post-exam shopping therapy. I did find some cute clothes :-)  Obviously going to Liège was the perfect occasion to grab a Starbucks at the station. (The only one Brussels as well..yeah we aren't very spoiled) I also ate a DELICIOUS Boulet sauce lapin, which is a special meal from Liège. Basically it's meatballs with apple sugar sauce and homemade french fries. so GOOD. (Maybe it doesn't look that yum in the pic but trust me it was)

Sandals : NewLook // Bag : Zara // Blazer: FCUK // Dress : Zara // Sunglasses : H&M



  1. Your hair colour is STUNNING!!!

    Lovely outfit, great blog, hope you check mine out


    Gem x

  2. Replies
    1. I didn't get much at primark, so it's a tiny haul héhé