Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Miscellaneous #1

Apologies for the lack of personal posts this past few weeks. I'm now in a massive exam session (only 3 left now wooo hoo ) so I really don't have any time to take pictures or to do OOTD or face of the day (I do also look like shit). I'm just gonna do a little post on some miscellaneous things that I have been gathering on my computer lately :) 

Michelle Williams on the cover of Elle Canada. What a BEAUT.
She's talking relationship advice with her new boyfriend.

"You deserve more than just somebody who's nice to you. I think that often these days, niceness seems like it should be enough because it seems like such a rare quality but when you get inside of it, you think..mmmh I can be pretty nice to myself. What about these other things? Life is too short and too crappy to not try to get more of what you want."

I love her, she is so cute and sassy looking. I wish I could rock a short do like she does.

I'm dying to get these Zara black pointed heels. I can't believe that pointed did a big fashion come back, it used to look so fun and tacky in the 90's in my memory. Now these are such a statement piece to have in your shoe wardrobe. WANT.
My obsession for Kourtney doesn't stop. I love that cute pregnant lady look she is sporting.
The maxi dress is so simple yet gorgeous and I love also the round 70's sunglasses. You go Kourt.
Aren't you dying to know how is she going to name her little girl? I SURE AM.

Another trend I really have been loving is the asymmetrical dresses.
I love the one Kim is wearing here, it's really pretty.
I would love one for myself!

In a more casual way, Kourtney wearing a black asymmetrical comfy maxi dress. 
I LOVE THAT LOOK. The hair, the hat, the bag, the sunglasses, everything is just going so well together. 

It was about time! OPI is launching her very first NEON collection.
It is called Outrageous Neons and I haven't see any swatches so I have no clue how this is going to look IRL.

OK girlies, I'm back to my nail polish less life of student in exam.



  1. That magazine is so beautiful! Love the shoes, I never thought i'd lust after pointed toe shoes x

  2. I want to try asymmetrical dresses too...I just think they're so flattering on petite figures xoxo

  3. I looove those heels! New follower- love your blog:)

  4. i love carey mulligan too and the kardashians! beauties! xxx