Monday, June 25, 2012

Essie - No Chips Ahead

I have been feeling a lil bit crazy and I changed some of my old habits.I used to buy the same top coat over and over again, the Mavala - Mavadry. It's really good and for no reason I decided to change. You know, the grass always seems greener on the other side.After my OPI - Rapidry topcoat, now I tried the Essie - No Chips Ahead.What I look for in a topcoat ? It must prevent from chipping, make it shine like no tomorrow and dry quickly if possible. I often found that a topcoat can't gather all these 3 things. They are fast drying but not shiny enough or they prevent from chipping but it takes an hour for it to dry.This time I chose the chip free top coat. I hate chip. Loathe.I don't know what's worse, the lack of shininess or a massive chip? Yikes.It is said to extend a manicure for up to 10 DAYS. Well, it did work on my nail toes! On my finger nails I'm just not into the whole I keep my nail polish for 3 weeks so...I change it every day or two.

After using this topcoat for more than a week now I came to the conclusion that The Essie - No Chips Ahead is a good topcoat, not the best I've ever used but it's really good in terms of chipping prevention.
It has a very shiny finish but that doesn't last as long as I would love it too.
I doesn't stain and dries pretty quickly. I'm pretty happy with my purchase but I'm not ready to settle down yet,  next I want to try the Sèche Vite top coat as I've heard it's ah-mazing!

It was 10,99€ in DI drugstore.



  1. J'ai acheté le même il y a un mois, il est très bien je trouve mais à mon goût il sèche vraiment trop lentement...

    1. Oui il met un peu plus de temps à sécher c'est vrai

  2. I have this top coat and it forms about 25 mini air bubbles on the surface of my nail. Le pire top coat que j'ai utilisé.