Thursday, May 17, 2012

Nail art challenge #2 GALAXY NAILS

For my second nail art, I went Star Trek meet Star Wars all the way.
Galaxy nails are so IN lately, I've seen lots of them all around the blogosphere.
This is my own version of Galaxy Nails : 
My skin is rather clear blue with some hint of purple. Tiny holographic stars and massive comets ! 

This one was again a very fun look to achieve. All I needed was a sponge and several nail polishes including some sparkly ones. The result is quite amazing, I'm mesmerized with my nails and I never thought in a million year I would be able to create some Galaxy Nails myself. 

What I used :

Basically I used the deep blue ProNails to create the background blue sky then I dabbed on with the sponge with the white to create the clouds and with the purple to add some dimension. Then I used my sparkly shades to create my Galaxy :-) 



  1. That looks gorgeous! I might have to have a go myself :) xxx

  2. Well done hun ! They look so fun to look at ! xx

  3. Take me to the Galaxy with these nails. Love em!!
    So pretty so sparkly..
    Hot Happenings!