Thursday, May 10, 2012

Wishlist #3

My real life wishlist is neverending but this is some items I really have been drooling over lately :) 

Topshop Lottie Suede Strappy Sandals / Pink Macbook case / Tom Ford Lydia Oversized Wayfarer 
Zara Shopper Basket / Iphone 4s (I'm so sick and tired of my blackberry) / African Print skirt (I'm planning on doing one myself with my mom's sewing machine) 



  1. I have that zara bag and i absolutely love it, fits SO much of my crap in honestly. I advice you to take the plunge and purchase one ;)

    Natalie xxx

  2. Ditch the BB! I did and I have no regrets, the iPhone is amazing in comparison xx

  3. Oh i'm loving the glasses ! xx

  4. Hi marilou, guess what!!! I can make one of your wishes come true.The last one actually. Im going to Africa this summer so if you need something just ket me know!!!;-)

  5. L'iphone me tente bien aussi.. Mais le prix pas du tout haha! Je suis du genre à ne pas avoir du soin pour mon gsm :s