Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Marina and the Diamonds make up inspired

I've been super obsessed with Marina and the Diamonds latest album Electra Heart.
Plus, I really dig her new baby blonde tiny heart look. 

The make up look aboslutely GORGEOUS. It's egdy and girly and it suits her perfectly.

My attempt at getting the new Marina and the Diamonds look. I'm not blonde so it doesn't come off as cute and dolly doll as her but eh....
I hope I'm not looking like Lady Gaga here, this is really NOT the aim.

On repeat - LIES ♥ the acoustic version is to die for. 



  1. I loveeeeeeeee this! Which eyeshadow did you use?! xx

  2. OMG! I never heard of her before this and am now in love!!!

  3. You should do a tutorial for this, I love marina!!