Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I heart...

Just some fashion or celebrities crushes at the mo'
I love love love this dress that Nicole Richie wore. She looks absolutely stunning.

The back of the gown is my favourite part. It's very edgy and chic. Props to Nicole. 

She has always been my favourite Kardashian. Now that she is expecting her second child, I think she looks glowing and I adore that mixed fluo look on her with the LBD. She is really gorgeous!

I fell in love with the crochet white dress Billi is wearing.
 I want it sooo badly, if anyone knows where it comes from let me know :-) 
I'll stay silent on the look of Lauren and Cara here.... 

I'm SUPER DUPER EXCITED for Lauren Conrad's latest book called beauty.
I couldn't be more ecstatic. I hope she shares a lot of secrets. I would have love her to share some of her favourite brands but in her latest fashion.beauty book she didn't! 
How pretty is she? #massivefangirl



  1. love this post! Love the LBD with the neon and I'm excited about Lauren Conrad's book..

  2. There is a really similar dress to the white lacy one in Topshop - maybe it's the same one!? Love your blog! x

  3. I've never read any of the lauren conrad books, really want to do it now though ! xx