Saturday, May 19, 2012

Cosmopolitan beauty sponge

This little pink spong must be one of my new favourite way of applying foundation and concealer on my face.
I first wanted one of these sponge because Lauren Conrad mentionned she was using one on her blog.
It is said to blend to product into your skin very well and let you with a flawless finish.
I couldn't get this in Belgium so I had to ask a lovely blogger girl from the UK to send me one !

I got the COSMOPOLITAN one which you can buy at BOOTS.
The shape of the sponge is really handy when it comes for all the difficult areas of your face like concealer under your eyes or around your nose. 

The flat side of the side is best for applying foundation and dab it on all over. I use this a little bit wet to finish the all flawless look attempt. It really works well. 

I would have never thought of using a sponge like this to apply my foundation but now that I have took the plunge I'm so glad I did it :-) 



  1. I have the beauty blender which is very similar to this and I love love love it!! I don't even use brushes to apply my foundation or concealer anymore!

  2. Ahhhh! Il faut que je teste sa :)
    Je pense prochainement acheter le beauty blender :)