Thursday, May 10, 2012

Avène Cleanance Gel

I have tried many cleansers during my teenager years. I was very soon into skin care and therefore I was always looking for the perfect cleanser/moisturizer. I think I can say that I have find my holy grail cleanser in the Avène Clenance Gel. I have an overall dry skin with some really dry areas (nose and forehead) all year long so I need a cleanser that isn't too harsh and won't dry my skin out ever more than it's already is. 
The fact that it is a soapless cleanser really helps to keep my washed face not too moistless. I know I have already written a post about this product in a more general way but it deserved a post on itself. I really do adore Avène for creating such great skin care (emphasis on the CARE).

This cleanser is on my top 3 list cleanser right next my Liz Earle cleanser which I love too.

I have bought this countless time for about two years now. This a 250ml bottle + 25% free and it lasts about two months and a half using it daily. Even days when I don't wear makeup I like to cleanse my face as I'm a bit OCD about impurities running in the air and clogging my pores. 
It costs about 14€ in Belgium but I know it costs less in France (about 10€)

The only thing negative I could say about this is that It doesn't remove well waterproof mascara so you definitely need to remove it with an adequate product beforehand.


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  1. I've tried this one before but somehow it dries my skin way too much and I end with red burning patches, such a shame because it is a really good product ! Glad it works for you ! xx