Thursday, April 12, 2012

White nails ♥

I've always had a crush for white nails. Not french manicure or delicate white/pinky nails but plain opaque white.  I like it on short nails. I find that whether I'm tan or not, it makes my hands look great (yes because some colours just don't go well with my pale skin) . I love to wear plain white nails with a colourful outfit. 

ScarJo is rocking the white nails on this picture. It has inspired me to do it afterwards...hoping I would maybe look like her as well but..erm no. One girl can dream though! 

I used my OPI - Alpine Snow in Matte (two coats) then one coat of my OPI- Sunny Bunny (which is a sheer white used for french manicures, to get rid of the tipex effect).

Definitely one of my favourite go-to combo for those days when I feel like white plain nails. It's edgy , easy to wear and it's a good alternative from my dark colours  :) 

Do you like these white nails? :) 



  1. I usually don't like white nails but I love how you've done yours, the shine it has makes it so much better xx

  2. oh i love white nails as well, my friends really don't get it, but it's just so damn gorgeous *o*
    you rocked that white polish, loved it :D

  3. I love white nails and so wish I could pull them off. I bought one a while back with high hopes but alas its been gathering dust in my drawer for years now. You on the other hand, totally rock it. They look great on you!

  4. I really like white nails but on my skintone it only looks good when it's really sunny so I'm waiting for summer to come round :)

  5. I love when people rock white nails, It looks great on you & Scar Jo. I tried it once years ago but it just looked like Tippex, i'll have to try again one day x