Friday, April 20, 2012

On my nails today : Cashmere Cardigan

Is spring isn't coming to me, I'm coming to spring! 
Enough with dark colours, I'm all about going edgy and colourful from now on. 
I have had this shade for a long time, when I had a massive nail polish fever and was compulsively buying all the nail polishes I could find, and never really used it. Because I'm going to get rid of some nail polishes I don't and never have used I was rediscovering all sorts of varnishes I never or barely used, like this one.
Cashmere cardigan is more of a periwinkle blue, not a baby blue like you would think seeing these pictures. It's more dark IRL and I had many compliments when wearing it. 

I applied three coats because I'm a "three coat" freak but two were definitely enough to get a great coverage. I do really love Orly nail polishes and I'm planning on buying more and more of this brand.

I own many blue nail polishes but not one of them is similar to Cashmere Cardigan.
The name itself is so comfy, don't you think so ? 



  1. Ooh lovely colour! Looks fabulous! xxx

  2. what a gorgeous colour. It really matches perfectly with your skintone, love <3

  3. Such a neat manicure :) I really like this shade of blue ! xx

  4. Sooooo pretty !
    Il faut vraiment que je teste les vernis Orly :)

  5. Loving this shade!! I'm still yet to try Orly nail polishs. I need to get a move on..

    This colour doesn't look blue at all. But more of a dark lilac.. I love it dearly all the same!!!

    Hope all is well wid you Marliou.. It's been a while since i've heard from you!! xxx

    Hot Happenings!

  6. love this colour, its so springy
    mantenso xx

  7. Oooh i'm loving blue nail varnish at the minute, perfect for Spring! And Spring doesn't seem to be coming to Scotland any time soon!