Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Aussie AUSSOME VOLUME shampoo + TAKE THE HEAT Leave in cream

Aussie is one of..no, it's my FAVOURITE hair care brand in the whole wide world. They have a very wide range of products, pretty much they have a solution to every hair issue out there. I haven't really tried much of their range but my favourite so far of what I've tried is the AUSSOME volume shampoo. This has to be the best shampoo ever for fine hair that need that extra glamorous oomph. How doesn't want voluminous hair after all ? 

The smell is SUPER DIVINE and lasts. I always get compliments on how my hair smells nice when I wash my hair with my AUSSOME Volume. It foams massively and deeply washes your hair leaving you with that clean yet not dull feeling. What's worse that liveless hair? Eeek

When I know that I want to curl my hair  I use my Aussome Volume shampoo with no conditionner afterwards so I know the curls will last longer. Conditionner has a serious tendancy to make my hair uncurlable, it's terribly annoying. 

You probably think "she is curling her hair AND NOT USING A CONDITIONNER, what a fool"
The heat of the curling iron can seriously damaged your hair so I'm using my Leave In Cream from the TAKE THE HEAT range to prevent any damages. I do want curly glamorous hair but split ends? No thanks. It smells amazing, but here again no surprises, it's Aussie! 

I love that it contains Australian Jojoba-seed oil to protect your hair.
I apply the cream after the shower, right before blow drying.
It's non greasy if you don't apply too much product at once and make sure it's well spread all over.

One of my biggest dream would be to live in London and therefore be able to buy AUSSIE all year long. I DREAM BIG !!! :-) 



  1. oooh i just bought the Take the Heat leav ein cream and i love it!!

    i got the special edition one and its smells gorgeous!!


  2. I love Aussie too ! The scent of their shampoo is AMAZING ! xx


  3. Londen is nice! And Aussie is also nice xp

  4. Oookay so tomorrow I will go for it :) I was going around the Aussie corner last week without buying anything but I only heard good things about this so MUST try it :D

  5. I LOOOVVVEEEE Aussie! I think I'd use them even if they did nothing to my hair, because it smells sooooo good! I use the Luscious Long and the Take The Heat collection, and I'm suppperr satisfied, also the last line really made my smile; same here:)))

  6. I haven't tried this one, just the frizz miracle, so now that are available in Spain have to check if the volumen range is too. xx

  7. this is exactly what i use and i couldn't agree more with your review! finally, i've found a beauty blogger who is also a public relations student!!!!