Tuesday, March 6, 2012

This spring, go green or go home

 As you may already have heard, green is the new IT colour for spring!
I'm not talking blue green or grey green here, no. I'm talking pure green, grass green or more flashy.
As per usual, I didn't have to look too far to get two lovely shades. OPI who is always one step further on the trends, already have many shades of green in their range so it wasn't difficult to get some pure green :) 

My picks are Green-wich Village and Gargantuan Green Grape

 Green-wich Village is your typical green grass colour. It's not as bright as in the picture, it's more of a discreet green (if that even exist) It is such a lovely colour, it will be wearing this baby a lot during sunny days. The application was very good, as always with the OPI nail polishes and I used three coats to get the most opaque result I could.

Gargantuan Green Grape is my crush colour for this spring! I had this colour for sooo long and never really used it until now. I got the matte version but one coat of Rapid Dry Topcoat by OPI and you're good to go with a glossy finish. This colour is so bright yet not neon, I absoooolutely love it. I can see myself wearing this with a black blazer, white top and blue jeans. Very basic outfit with the crazy nail colour pop of colour is my favourite trend! 

Glory to OPI for having such a wide, fun range of colours!

Will you be wearing the IT green this spring? 



  1. Out of the 2 shades of green you have highlighted there. I am in love with Gargantuan Green Grape. Looks gorgeous. Rock on..Rock on..

    Hot Happenings!

  2. Tu connais déjà mon amour pour Gargantuan Green Grape <3 Des p'tites pousses de printemps au bout des doigts!