Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Real Techniques blush brush

 I couldn't resist getting my chubby hands on one the brushes from the Real Techniques new brand (created by the Pixiwoos).

They're affordable (£10), they look quite fancy and the one I picked is pink. That's three good reason enough to buy it right. I love that you can make the brush stand because of the irregular shape. This brush is incredibly soft, I was really pleasently surprised when I first touched it. The bristles are synthetic and cruelty free. I've already washed it twice and it still looks like brand new.

It's perfect to contour or apply bronzer whether you use in one or another way. It's quite large so I use it to apply bronzer sometimes as well. It's such a pleasure to use this brush, it works wonder for contouring with the top of the brush which is made to define. Now contouring has become one of my favourite thing to do when I apply makeup in the morning! 

This brush is everything is was expecting! I love the Chapman sisters from Pixiwoos, you could just guess they were going to create some amazing brushes they would use themselves first. Now I want the whooole range. I'm so over mac brushes though I was dreaming to get their whole range of brushes few years ago, now I KNOW that a good brush can rime with affordable :) 

Have you tried one of the Real techniques brushes?



  1. I recently brought the stippling brush and LOVE it. I really want ALL the other brushes!! xx

  2. I really need to get my hands on them brushes ! xx

  3. Love these brushes!! I got he core collection and powder brush... I'M not using anything else... The other brands don't. Compare anymore. :)

  4. I got the Real Technique brushes the other week . . . I LOVE THEM !

    I noticed the writing rubbing off the handles : [