Thursday, March 22, 2012

OPI RapiDry topcoat

Topcoat, the essential step for a shiny glossy long lasting manicure. Those of you that skip this step are really missing out on something. I have never wear a nail polish without a topcoat as I feel it isn't as shiny and glossy as I would like it to be. I recently ran out of my long time favourite Mavala - Mavadry top coat. I wanted to try something new for a change so I went for OPI RapiDry top coat. It's a much bigger bottle than the Mavala so it will hopefully last longer! 

 I reckon that I can't write a very long review about a topcoat as there is no much things to say about it.
My thoughts then : it's a good top coat that, as its name says it, dries pretty quickly. It makes my nail polish shiny and glossy like I like it to be. With my nail envy MATTE base coat my nail polish can stay intact for about 3 or 4 days, which is pretty good!  The pro-wide brush from OPI is so pleasant to use, as it really covers the entire nail in one application.

The only thing that bothered me is that the nail polish (bright colours) seem to stain the brush and I have to clean it after (thing I didn't have to do with my Mavala topcoat) . Ok I know what you're gonna tell me "just wait for the nail polish to dry before applying the top coat then it won't stain the brush".
Yeah. But If I buy a RAPIDRY topcoat it's because I hate loathe waiting for my nailpolish to dry so I expect for my Rapidry topcoat to do its job and dry it ! :) 

 Will I be repurchasing this? Mmmh I'm still on the fence as it is pretty expensive and the brush staining issue really gets on my nerves (but I'm really picky on that too). Other than that the glossiness of it is really great!  I may go back to my Mavala - Mavadry when this bottle is empty...I live near a Ici Paris XL and it's easier for me :) 



  1. I've always wondered if this is any good... I use the Sally Hansen Mega Shine top coat and its amazing. The brush only tends to stain with red polishes! xx

  2. J'ai le même soucis de vernis qui colore le top coat avec le top coat de chez Dior (oui Madame, Dior, et il est extrêmement bien, du genre à me faire tenir une manucure 6 jours : base Hérôme, 3 couches You Don't Know Jacques, et une couche de Top Coat Dior. Une couche de rappel au bout de 3 jours et c'était impeccable)

    et oui la majeur partie de mon commentaire tiens en une phrase entre parenthèse.

    xoxo cutie pie <3

  3. it sounds so good but it must be annoying if it gets stained

    chlo @chlowitty blogs

  4. I absolutely LOVE this product! Best top coat I have ever used. Definitely worth the money!