Thursday, March 8, 2012

OPI Nail Envy MATTE ♥

Are you looking for a base that strenghtens, prevent the nail polish from staining AND from chipping ?

Well Ladies, look no further, The Nail Envy MATTE is for you ! 
My nails have been really damaged from the daily use of nail polish remover, as I can't stand when my nails chip (it irritates me really bad). They've become so weak and break really easily. The Nail Envy range is said to help rebuild the natural (or not) strength of your nails. It's best to apply not one, but two coat of it before applying your nail polish because 1) it prevents from staining 2) it strengthens and 3) it prevents from chipping. The fact that it prevents from chipping is NOT mentionned in the product description, I think that the fact that the base is "MATTE" helps the nail polish to really stick to the nail.

I have been using this product for about 5 weeks now and I can see a huge difference with my nails.
They are stronger and my nail polish stays without chipping for about 3 days (I'm very clumsy with my hands so it's incredible for me) 

I love that this base is multi-task. It has become my new number 1 base by far.
I really recommand this product to you if you're looking for a 3 in 1 base, you will not be disappointed!

Belgique : en vente chez Planet Parfum, Cosmeticary et autres revendeurs voir le site



  1. I've been wanting to purchase OPI nail envy products for quite some time as I have such weak nails! Think I may be finally persuaded :) lovely blog

  2. I need this polish in my LIFEEEE mehnnn!! So i can do matte nails mehnnn. Defo need to keep my eyes peeled for this baby.

    Did you get it from your Internship??
    Hot Happenings!

  3. Coucou j'habite à bruxelles et je ne savais pas qu'on trouvais les vernis OPI au planet parfum. Super!!! Je vais m'acheter cette base Nail Envy mes ongles sont abimés :( bisous, Nathy

  4. This was the first nail strengthener I ever used and I was obsessed with it for so long until I got a Sally Hansen nail strengthener!! I'd say for they are very similar in quality I might even like Sally Hansens better!! And for half the price it definetly beats OPI's by a long shot!!