Thursday, March 15, 2012

Current hand creams ♥

I have never been a handcream girl. I only saw person in TV show using it before heading to bed.
I started when I went to Toronto three years ago and the winter was soooo cold, my hands were really dry right after my shower and all day long.  Now, the hand cream, is part of my daily moisturizing routine. Body, face, and hands! It's important to use a speficic moisturizer for your hands to avoid the greasy finish that will maybe stain your clothes or anything you will be touching.  I currently use two hand creams. One for day time the other for night time. Also, moisturizing your hands will prevent them to get all wrinkly and old and will help with the cuticules. Who wants bad cuticules? No one. Maybe except people that sells cuticules oils and hand creams. Ok so let's goooooo.

Soap and Glory - Hand Food / Avène - Cold Cream Hand Cream. 

Soap and Glory - Hand Food : was is my wish list for while. I'm really happy I finally got my dry hands on this little gem. I don't have much Soap and Glory products and I know this one has very good reviews. I was from the first glance, very attracted to this product because of the girly and cute packaging. It looks amazing in my bag and on my desk (and that's always a plus). The most intriguing for me about this product was the ingredients : shea-butter, macadamia oil AND MARSHMALLOW.
Marshmallow? AND SOLD!  I love that this hand cream is non-greasy as mentionned on the packaging, it penetrates super quickly and leaves a pretty strong girly smell around you for a few minutes. I will definitely repurcharse this and I want even more Soap and Glory. Come to mama!

Avène - Cold Cream Hand Cream : I already use the face moisturizer from the same Cold Cream range and It has worked wonder on my skin during those horrendous winter months. So, I thought, why not getting the hand cream as well?  I use this at night, before heading to bed like a certain ginger woman from a TV Show (ok I'm talking about Bree from Desperate Housewives here, she's always moisturizing her hands before heading to bed!). It is more on a the greasy side but still penetrates quickly. The scent is the same as the cold cream moisturizer, not girly or super exotic but more on the dermatological side (pretty neutral). It is really moisturizing, I can feel an immediate relief when I apply it and it leaves my hands really soft and nourrished. This hand cream was 10 €, a bit more expensive than the Soap and Glory one and can be found in pharmacies.

What are your favourite hand creams? 



  1. I want the handfood, I heard so many great things about it. So bad we can't buy it here in Belgium, urgh!

  2. Ah I do love a good hand cream nd i am actually feeling a soap and glory shop coming up soon :) x

  3. I have handfood and love it so much!
    Great post :)

  4. j'adore la HANDFOOD que j'ai depuis pu, je ne peux pas m'en passer ! <3 kiss