Friday, February 17, 2012

Primark eyelash curler

Let me introduce you to my favourite eyelash curler EVER.
Curling my lashes, in a really important step in my makeup routine. Without it, I feel like my lashes are dull and my mascara does not apply as well. Last year when I spent a month in London, I was looking for a cheap eyelash curler as I had forgot mine at home and I got the one at Primark. It is a very cute white and pink one, and it was 1£! BARGAIN. I was not expecting this curler to be the best but to my great surprise, IT IS. 

After a full year of using it, it became old and I didn't work as well. I was desperate to get a new one but the Primark in Belgium didn't have the makeup range. Well It didn't, but IT DOES NOW. I went to Primark last week and I was excited to see that they makeup range and beauty accessories is now available in Belgium too! I bought 2 lash curlers, just in case :) It was 1,50€, still very affordable. 

This eyelash curler has a very firm pressure and does an amazing job to the lashes. I use it every single day even when I don't wear mascara, it really disciplines my lashes and brighten my eyes!

 Lash curled without mascara. You can see that it is very efficient! 

And with mascara :)

For a very long time, I was thinking of splurging a good amount of money to buy myself a good eyelash curler (like the Shu Uemura one) but after being really satisfied with my Primark one, I think it would be so mad to spend so much on an eyelash curler! 

What is your favourite eyelash curler? (if you use one...and if you don't... OMG DO IT)



  1. Okay, I've never used a lash curler in my life, but this makes me want to get one right now! And your eyes are super pretty.

  2. Fab bargain! I love Primark for great finds like this :)

  3. Definitely making a notes of these ones, the cosmopolitan ones that you can find in boots are apparently great too and have a similar mechanism ! xx

  4. they are really good for the natural effect :)


  5. OMG, I need to go out right now and buy that eyelash curler. Mine doesn't really do the job :-) I'm glad I read your advice!