Thursday, February 16, 2012

On my nails today : Size Matters

Nothing like a good old red nail polish to add sophistication to any outfit. My latest red crush has been the varnish Size Matters by Essie. I've bought this because I found that the undertones of this colour were really special. It's not your typical red, it has some fuschia/wine undertones. It's a very unique mix! 

 I've been a bit disappointed with the new Essie brush to be quite honest, it's just too wide and makes the application a bit messy.

This was 3 coats! 



  1. i neee-eeeeeeeeeeeeeed to get my some essie in my life! xxxx

  2. Such a pretty colour !!! xx

  3. I bought essie's ladylike recently just love it, but it chips really quickly I found even with a topcoat! :(