Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Liz Earle Botanical Shine Shampoo & Conditionner

I've had the chance to review these two hair products from Liz Earle. I was really excited as I'm a big fan of their brand as you may have noticed if you read my blog. I love that Liz Earle goes from skin care, to hair care and now a makeup range.  I have tried the Botanical Shine Shampoo which is good for all hair types and I went for the Botanical Shine Condtioner for oily hair as I wash my hair every day and they tend to grease after one day (yikes, I know) but I can't help it I love the fresh washed feeling on my scalp. 

The hair products come in bottles of 200ml, as a little goes a very long way, they last forever!
You don't need that much product (depends of the length of your hair obviously) as it foams very well.

 I'm obsessed with the ingredients of shampoos. I always read the back of the bottle of shampoo I'm using when I'm in the shower. I am amazed (yet not surprised) with the dreamy list of naturally active ingredients that Liz Earle is using.  It smells really good, with that usual botanical smell.

The shampoo cleans your hair really easily, I was impressed with the feeling afterwards. I could feel my hair were really soft... yet the conditionner was still to apply.

The conditionner is also filled with tons of amazing ingredients.  It is a very good conditionner that nourrishes without leaving that heavy feeling in your hair. I've avoided applying in too close from my roots of course. 

My hair are SO soft after my Botanical Shampoo & Conditionner, easy to comb and really shiny.
I love that they're effective AND filled with tons of naturally active ingredients.

Have you tried the Liz Earle hair products range? 
You can buy Liz Earle here :)

Ps: Yes, I've changed my colour and went for the colour "Caramel" who turned into even more gingerness. YOM OR VOM? 



  1. peut-on acheter ce produit sur bxl ?

  2. Malheureusement, non. Tu peux les trouver sur le site http://uk.lizearle.com/ (les frais de port sont raisonnables)