Thursday, February 23, 2012

Jessica - Phenomen Oil

Cuticles. Those horrible little dead skins that rotten your nail life. I've never paid much attention to my cuticles because I never felt it was necessary and I didn't see the point. I do feel self conscious at times when I swatch nail polish because you can see them from time to time and it's not an attractive feature.
I have a terrible confession to make, I even went to the point where I have had cut them with a tiny cutter. Eeeee, shame on me, I KNOW. Do NOT cut your cuticles, it's so baaad.  The way to go is to moisturize them and nourish them. I've decided to stop mistreating my cuticles and accept that they are now a part of my nail routine. After looking for a great product and reading the pixiwoo JESSICA post, I have bought the Jessica Phenomen Oil on 

What it says : "Phenomen Oil is a unique blend of essential oils that softens cuticles and promotes the growth and flexibility of the nail. Restores, protects and maintains healthy cuticles and nails. Natural jojoba heals dry, spilt and craked cuticles. Almond and rice oils for conditionning. Increases circulation and promotes nail growth when massaged in. "

It comes in a nice little bottle of 14,8 ml (which is a lot) and smells like marzipan (thanks to the almond in it) It is extremely moisturizing and the fact that it has a little pump is very handy to apply the product on the cuticles. It's not greasy at all, which I LOVE yet it really nourrish your nails and cuticles. The other thing I adore about this product is the multi use you can have with it. You can use it basically on any dry part of your body. Face, knee, elbow, and even hair (I've tested it, it's faaaaabulous)

 I can NOT believe I've waited sooo long before taking the plunge and taking care of my cuticles.
A great manicure is nothing without healthy cuticles! That's my new nail motto.



  1. Is this for cuticles? It's something I have to try!!

  2. Perso depuis que je fais attention à mes ongles (et que je m'entraine à devenir une nailista) j'utilise tous les soirs mon huile végétale de noisette et mes cuticules mes sourient maintenant! Ils me disent merci tout ça ;)

    Parait que l'huile de ricin est très efficace aussi (et qu'en plus elle aide à faire pousser les ongles)
    C'est peut être une solution moins couteuse ;)

    Une pensée émue pour ces petits cuticules maltraités à grand coup de cutter :p

  3. I cut some of my cuticles too, because I can't bear to let them grow now.:-(

  4. you are very beautiful :)
    maybe you'd like to join our blog!
    would be great

  5. I definately need to invest in a cuticle oil! Mine are so dry :(
    This one sounds amazing... I love almond scents!
    Emma xx