Monday, February 13, 2012

The best thing that has ever happened to music

My love for Adele just keeps growing and growing. 
She is the real deal, I mean, let's be honest, all these little celebrities beyonce & co have nothing on her.YOU GO GIRL. The cover issue of march from Vogue is just exquisit!

Her makeup last night at The Grammy's. GORGEOUS.
On that note, have a great monday. 
On repeat : Adele - One and Only 

XO, Marilou


  1. elle est vraiment sublime, tu as vu ce beau visage. je kiffes <3

  2. I totally agree, Adele really is one of those wonders in the world, where you literally stop for a second and go holy crap does this really exist!! And her performance at the grammies phenomenal, as all of her performances normally are. Got to love that girl!!

  3. Beauty and talent, she's got it all ! xx

  4. Adelen j'adoooooooooore!!! il n y a pas un jour sans que j'écoute ses chansons!

  5. Suis-je la seule à remarquer qu'elle a vraiment perdu beaucoup de poids ???