Friday, February 3, 2012

Avène Cold Cream

This post may interest some of you that have skin with some serious dry tendancy all year long and with even drier skin during winter. If you don't, skip this post. If you do, let me introduce you to my very dry flaky skin life saver. The Avène Cold Cream. I've bought the 100ml two days ago as the weather went from "mmh it's okay" to "SWEET JESUS ITS A FREEZING HELL". As we speak it's -11° outside and let me tell you that my skin has already been suffering from this radical change of temperature. I always had and always will have a dry skin, so I'm used to use highly moisturizing product. Even during summer my skin needs that extra moist. I can't even think going out of the shower and skipping the moisturizing step. With this weather, things just got worse and worse. My nose is all flaky and feels soo dry (mmmh so glam) and wearing foundation is making the dryness even worse. I feel so self-conscious all day long. When this happen, I know it's time to draw the serious moisturizing skin care. I have already used Cold Cream before, so this is no new to me. I know it works so well for my skin in those dry crisis period.
 Cold cream is an extreeeemely "greasy" moisturizer. I apply this thickly at night so my skin feels brand new in the morning, and because wheather is going crazy cold at the moment, I even apply this in the morning in a less thicker coat so my skin doesn't suffer from dryness all day long.
 I love the comfort moist feeling on the skin. Cold cream is such a life saver! 

 The consistency is very thick and you need time for the cream to really penetrates into your skin. The smell is the usual Avène smell, with no any chemical perfumes added. That's one thing I adore about Avène, the whole dermatological fragrance free and bla and bla. It's so safe for your skin and I do believe it is one of the best skin care brand out there (with Liz Earle)

I definitely recommand you this cold cream if you have been suffering from flaking and extreme dryness.
14€ en pharmacie

Have a great freezing day :) 


  1. I'm so dumb, I thought cold cream was a makeup remover LOL?! I use th Pond's one for this, works so well!

  2. J'adore cette marque! Pour le moment j'utilise la creme anti rougeurs car le temps me donne des plaques rouges sur le visage :(

    Bon weekend!

  3. Ahhh! I've actually been suffering from the same problem lately... It sucks so bad and yes, foundation definitely emphasizes the dryness :( I just bought some stuff from Lush that is also very greasy lol but it seems to be working okay so far! I really want to try this though. Thanks for the recommendation :)


  4. I have bad dry/sensitive skin, I may have to try this.

  5. Great post :-) I've nominated you for the Liebster/Versatile Blogger award, the post is here: xx

  6. I'm really glad it's not that cold here.

/ Avy

  7. Avene products are amazing ! My friend uses the cold cream and she swears by it in winter too ! xx