Monday, January 9, 2012

On my nails today : Captain Sparrow's boat // Black Pearl DUPE

Chanel Black Pearl has been on my wish list for sooo long. I don't even know why I didn't manage to get it before, I guess I'm just so over spending 20€ on a nail polish and I was waiting for a dupe to show off. Don't get me wrong here, I love Chanel nail polishes, I mean they're just so pretty and classy..packaging wise. I don't see a difference when it comes to quality, for me a nail polish is a nail polish. They are bad quality nail polishes and then regular nail polishes that will chip after a few days. I don't believe in those 10 days with no chipping nail polishes. Chanel do have some amazing colours coming out and I have always find dupes so far but I just don't find they are worth the super expensive price. I mean, it's just nail polish. When I read somewhere that Catrice, a brand that is carried is a drugstore near my house, had an exact dupe of my oh so wanted Black Pearl, I literally ran there to get it and it was the last one! Phew.

 They do went all copy cat in the name. I mean Captain Sparrow's boat ? 

 It's an accurate dupe for Black Pearl although it was hard to capture on camera.
It's such a pretty colour, I am in love with my nails. I guess If I couldn't have find a dupe I would have go for the original Chanel one. It's just such a pretty, unuseful colour.

 The colour is a GORGEOUS shimmery grey/green that alters with the lighting.

Absolutely loving this colour! I know, it's so last decade but I'm really happy to finally own the Black Pearl copy cat varnish :)  

The quality of the CATRICE nail polish is quite outstanding for such a low price (around 4 euros) and you get a rather large amount of product. Catrice have such a wide range of products and I'm seriously eyeing on some other varnish colours.



  1. So pretty! This is a random comment but I love your nails :) Perfect length!

  2. This is just the most beautiful colour ever! xxx

  3. I could stare at that polish forever, wow what a gorgeous colour x

  4. I am loving this shade. It's kinda like a gun metal...

  5. I really love this color, i've got the same from Chanel and i love it

  6. This is a great shade on you, Marilou!

  7. Such a beautiful color.. I have to buy this:)


  8. I love Catrice nail polishes!!! Such a bargain xxx

  9. Tu me l'as fait acheter^^
    Mes cokotteuses me prennent pour une folle... "T'as déjà plein de vernis gris non ?" "T'as pas déjà toutes les couleurs possibles ?"
    Jamais trop :D

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